Hilo Rain


It’s been raining for two weeks now.  There’s flooding everywhere on the roads.  Pools of water are forming on people property like swimming pools.  The temperature has been in the 60’s and that’s bone chilling cold to us.  Sometimes the wind coming off the ocean makes the windchill seem even colder.  We’re wearing socks, sweatpants and sweatshirts during the day and night.  A heavy quilt on the bed just to keep warm at night.  Such is our winters.

A View From the Lana’i

Without a doubt, our winter has arrived in full force.  When we first moved here in 2005, our first winter on the islands, was one of the rainiest in 100 years of Hawaiian history.  Dams burst on Kaua’i and landslides on O’Ahu, were just some of the huge water problems during that time.  Luckily we live on a fairly level grade so fast rushing water is not a problem for us.  However that’s not the case in other places in our subdivision.

Pohaku and 39th Avenue

The water rushing down like a torrent is fairly consistent with this topology here in the Orchidland subdivision.  Eventually it will erode the land to a point where this intersection will be impassable without either a bridge or some other structure to withstand the water.  There have been many efforts by the Orchidland Community Association to fix the problem, but each effort has failed due to association board members personal agendas.  This is a real problem for this subdivision because our roads have been suffering as a result of people using the association board for their own personal order of business.


Desperation and Frustration

The roads are beginning to deteriorate due to the weather, and the lack of effort by the association board of directors.  The Board has fallen into disarray and malaise due to members past and present forcing their own agendas into managing the subdivision.  Mismanagement of Association Road Fees monies have brought lawsuits against the association by residents.  Now, the road fees are being used to pay lawyers and the roads are falling into disrepair.


Potholes, but how deep?

You can wreck your cars suspension by driving through this all the time.   You don’t know how deep the potholes are.  This is a problem not only on the paved roads, but it’s worse on the unpaved roads.   Just like our nations economy, the board spent money to fix a problem that needed to be fixed NOW! They spent money, lots of money, almost all the budget, on putting gravel on all of the 40 miles of unpaved roads in the year 2006.  Now, they have no money to fix the roads.  Now, the locals are resorting to beg for money to fix the roads the association cannot fix.  Shameful.


Water Water Everywhere

Such is our winters, but this is what it’s all about.  Lucky you live Hawai’i, is an expression that we always say.


Merrie Monarch is coming soon in April



What’s for Dinner?


Tomato Soup with Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

A comfort food


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