What Problem?


What’s wrong with this picture?  A few ice cubes in the Antarctic break off some Ice sheet and all hell breaks loose about the oceans.  I wonder if anyone knows what happens when ice cubes melts in water?

From Reuters

An ice bridge which had apparently held a vast Antarctic ice shelf in place during recorded history shattered on Saturday and could herald a wider collapse linked to global warming, a leading scientist said.

A leading scientist says so?  Hmmmm, Really!?  How leading is this… scientist?  And where is he leading?   Like Ice shelves don’t break off during the late summer months in that region of the world.  A 25 mile long strip, by 500 meters (0.3 tenths of a mile), the story tells, has broken off due to Global Warming, or maybe, it’s because it’s the end of their summer down there?   Or a thin strip of Ice fell into the ocean.  Time to Panic. I guess!!


The Big Crack Up

The Wilkins, now the size of Jamaica or the U.S. state of Connecticut, is one of 10 shelves to have shrunk or collapsed in recent years on the Antarctic Peninsula, where temperatures have risen in recent decades apparently because of global warming.

The Wilkins?  What’s that?  Well the article does not  really get into that until later by explaining that it’s a small ice shelf on Antarctic’s western shelf.  OK, so what significance does that mean?  You know that Icebergs happen in the Arctic as well as the Antarctic.  During their summer months the ice warms, breaks off, then floats away.  It’s been happening for…. many, many years.

A story about a big crack in the Antarctic ice and we have to worry about it, why?


Apparently some ice fell into the ocean, so…. what?  Ice has been falling into the ocean for years.  Icebergs sank the Titanic.  Remember the Ice Ages?  No one was around to remember the ice ages, but they have happened in this planets history.  So have warming cycles occurred on this planet.  There were no SUV’s or coal powered electrical plants back then.


This is so insignificantly small and unremarkable, it’s not even newsworthy.  Yet, the world works in ways no one expects.  Just look at the size of Antarctica and imagine the size.  It’s huge.

So why does the Obama administration want to get into Climate Engineering?

John Holdren told the Associated Press in his first interview since being confirmed last month that the idea of geoengineering the climate is being discussed. One such extreme option includes shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays. Mr. Holdren said such an experimental measure would only be used as a last resort.

Obviously, this scientist (idiot) watches too many SciFi movies and probably lives in the basement of his mothers house, if not under the attic stairs.  Maybe he’s a crazy uncle that Obama wants to be as his Mad Scientist of the environment.


This place is huge.  There’s more land mass in the Antarctic,  than the Arctic.  Somehow, this is suppose to raise the sea levels.  I live at sea level, there’s no change.   Simple science, put water in a glass and drop in a few ice cubes and let them melt.  Does the water level rise?  No, it doesn’t.  It’s your money that they want.


We care about the environment


The environment has been around longer than we have


Use Some Real Science, not Obama Witch Doctors


What’s for Dinner?


Pan Seared Opah over Steamed Jasmine Rice with Roasted Broccoli

nowwhat1April 15, 2009


2 Responses to “What Problem?”

  1. Localmalcontent Says:

    I read this post when you put it up and thought how well you disprove all the junk science being forced on us all. Especially, the pollution particles into the upper atmosphere– HOW TINY a Spot that would make!! To accomplish what the administration suggests, would be far more dangerous, far more polluting.

    As (I think) Limbaugh said once, the answer to global warming is simply to ‘ignite’ a volcano somewhere, and let it erupt massively. “problem” solved.

    Got any experience with volcanoes, Kini~?? LOL
    anyway, I saw this at ThePeople’sCube, and thought you’d get a kick from it:

    Spring cleaning tip: don’t forget to change your scientific consensus from winter setting “climate change” to summer setting “global warming”

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha LMC,

      It’s funny because we are going through a La Nina effect where our weather is colder and rainy. We actually have to wear socks around the house, it’s so cold on the floor. People comment to me about the cold weather and I reply, “Where’s all that Global Warming we were promised?”

      Yet some people argue that this, cold weather, is caused by global warming. Oh, sorry, it’s called climate change now. Er, no, that’s not right, I forgot to set my scientific consensus back…. oh darn!!!! I ♥ The Cube!

      Speaking of volcano’s, how many active volcano’s are there? About 500, not counting the ones under the ocean that we know about.

      The planet has been around longer than we have. The planet environment has changed many times before we inherited it, yet there there those that would claim that we are destroying it. If you ask them for evidence, they cannot provide it. In any real scientific form that is. Yet the argument goes on.

      Mahalo for posting my friend. I regularly visit your blog,

      World views. Well, there are many. But you are a free thinker.

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