HULA Season

It’s Merrie Monarch Season

This Hula dancer tells the story of passing the art of Hula on to her younger sister.

This is Hula Kahiko or Ancient Hula which uses traditional Hawaiian gourds and chants.

Hula Kahiko

Hula Auana is Modern Hula which employs musical instruments

Hula Auana

It’s my attention also.  The Merrie Monarch Festival  is, above all,  the focus of  the celebration of Hula and all things Hawaiian.  It’s like nothing else in Hawai’i and no where else in the world.  Auntie Edith Kanaka’ole Stadium is filled with the greatest Hula Masters from around the world.   We have Hula from Tahiti, New Zealand,  Samoa, and the mainland USA.  Yes, it’s the best of the best.



What’s for Dinner?


Grilled Pacific Halibut with Grilled Asparagus and Steamed Jasmine Rice

Just for Fun!


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