Is America heading towards fascism?  It’s a question that every American should be asking themselves.   We have a governmental system with complete power.  A Main Stream Media that suppresses opposition and criticism of the Obama administration .  A Congress that is regimenting all industry and commerce.  A President that emphasizes aggressive nationalism and often criticizes America when abroad.  This pretty much meets the definition of what fascism means.  Or does it?  Let’s see some examples of current events:

Department of Home Land Security (DHS) released a report about potential Right Wing Extremist that may cause Man Made Disasters in the homeland.

In a footnote in the report, right-wing extremism was defined as hate-motivated groups and movements, such as hatred of certain religions, racial or ethnic groups. It went on to say, “It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.


The intelligence assessment issued to law enforcement last week said some military veterans could be susceptible to extremist recruiters or commit lone acts of violence.

Are they taking about domestic terrorism?   Oh wait, that’s now called Man Made Disasters by DHS.   U.S. Soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, as possible recruits, for what?  What an insult to our enlisted men and women of the military.  So, if you are either a Pro Life person, a anti illegal immigration person, or a returning active duty military soldier, you could be  a possible Man Made Disaster.

First lets consider the Tax Time Tea Parties that took place all over the country.  Here in Hilo, there were over a hundred people that came out to protest.  There were more Tea Parties all over Hawai’i:  Lihu’e on Kaua’i, Kahalui on Maui, Honolulu on O’Ahu, and on the Big Island Kona and Hilo.  Hundreds of people showed up and expressed their displeasure with the government spending of our money.

Remember that Joe HairPlug Biden, our Vice President, said it’s patriotic to pay higher taxes.











With the exception of  Fox News, most of the other news outlets either ignored the events and played it down, or tried to discredit the message by belittling the 1st Amendment right to demonstrate through insults and shouting down  protesters.  Just listen to this CNN reporter that injected her opinion on government spending and tried to shame the protester who was just demonstrating his Constitution right to demonstrate.

CNN’s Finest?

If she is a journalist, then who cares about her opinion?   A journalist is supposed to be objective and balanced in reporting events.  But she interjects her opinion by saying this is a FOX News, Right Wing  demonstration against government.

updateflippingThere’s more coming out about this reporter and the smear tactics that CNN spreads.  Several other Tea Party protesters  captured more about this reporter and what happened after.

This so called reporter, certainly not a journalist, is the same reporter that spread lies and myths about the “Jena 6” case in Louisiana, in which 6 black students were charged with beating a white student.

Fascism: the first rule, eliminate dissent.  Rush Limbaugh refers to the Main Stream Media as the Drive By Media and for a very good reason.  They arrive, spray misinformation, then leave skid marks out of the parking lot.

During the Tea Parties, the MSM, especially NBC, used language that was vulgar and demeaning  calling the people attending the Tea Parties as Tea Baggers.  The contempt for the average American Tax Paying voter by the MSM is demonstrated by their bias in reporting stories.


Drive By’s

Only part of the story

How much of the real story are you getting.  When a event like this happens, where does the newspaper place the story?  On the front page, or buried in the back of the D section of the paper.  Print media, like the MSM televised, are cut from the same cloth.   They are bias in the way the story is reported.

Our Hilo newspaper to its credit, the Tribune-Herald, printed the Tea Party story on the front page, below the fold.  There’s no problem with that, because Hilo has its attention on more important matters.  The Merrie Monarch Festival is taking place here in Hilo and it has pretty much gotten everyone’s attention.  However, there was a strong showing of people supporting the Tea Party to take back our Government.

More demonstrations of suppression of Free Speech is shown here when a reporter was handcuffed and arrested for being a journalist.  He was just asking questions.

John Zigler, a Real journalist , got handcuffed  and arrested for ….. journalism.

This guy is only trying to ask questions, just questions, and gets arrested.  Isn’t journalism about asking questions?  Is not asking questions about questionable journalism permitted?

This pretty much sums up the tea parties, freedom of speech, freedom to associate, freedom to demonstrate.  It was a great event and a great historical message to the Obama administration.  Our right as citizens to demonstrate, to voice our displeasure with the government spending our money in corporate bailouts, banks, automobile companies, insurance companies.  If anyone thought the Bush administration was spending too much money at a half a trillion dollars, just look at what 14 Trillion dollars looks like.  It may seem like everything is OK now, but wait a year when it’s time to pay off the borrowing.  Hyper-inflation and taxes will be high and we will feel it bad.

The government has classified people who protest as a possible terrorist Man Made Disasters and Right Wing Extremist.

You Might Be A Right Wing Extremist If




What’s for Dinner?


Grilled Steak, with saute mushrooms and onions and a Garden Salad

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14 Responses to “Fascism”

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  4. Localmalcontent Says:

    May I link to you, on this outstanding post please?
    I’m impressed to see good, conscious Hawai’ians protesting;
    it is a very good sign, Kini. Yakoke brother, and Alo´ha~!

  5. Kini Says:

    I would be more than honored to have you linked to my posts at anytime my friend!

    Many of the native Hawaiians are conservative by nature; however, many do not vote because they don’t think they have a voice. It’s the liberal hippies from the mainland west coast that usually stack the votes for democrats. Next to tourism, the next largest employer is the state government, which is unionized, so you know where those votes are going.

    A message to the none voters: No Vote, No Grumble

  6. JMB Says:

    Thank you for this outstanding post, my fellow patriot.

    • Kini Says:

      Thank you for your post.

      I think everyone should read your post on Susette Kelo and how government can blunder into violating the civil liberties of homeowners property rights. I will enjoy reading your posts.

  7. Most Rev. Gregori Says:

    Kini, you asked: “Is America heading towards fascism?”

    What I see coming is far worse then fascism. My gut tells me that Obama is far more evil then most people might believe.

    What I would like to see is to have the next ‘Tea Party’ push for the immediate impeachment and removal of Obama, Biden and just about every member of Congress, of course I doubt it would ever happen.

    It isn’t just the Big Tax and Spend that is destroying America, it is the failure on the part of Congress, the Executive branch and the Supreme Court to secure our borders. It is the actions and legislation on the part of Congress and the Supreme Court that has led to the destruction of all moral values in this country. Now we are facing a wholesale sell out of the Constitution, our freedoms and rights as Congress and Obama push us right into a One World Government.

    As far as our current economic problems, even though the majority refuse to admit it, Obama (when he was still a Senator) Chris Dodd and Barney Frank (Democrats all) were the three biggest causes and/or abettors of this crisis. And what they are doing now is certainly NOT to rectify the situation, but to amass more power to the federal government.

    Your food menu looked absolutely delicious, but where was the POI?

    • Kini Says:

      You may be right, the worst is yet to come. I believe Obama is evil and I can see the direction he is taking this country.

      I think at a recall of the Obama presidency. I believe that he is unfit to led the country. As proof, he has committed this country into the worst debt for generations.

      There doesn’t seem to be enough interest in investigating this unholy trinity of Dodd, Franks, and Obama as the masters of this nations economic demise.

      I would very much like to have July 4th as the next protest day.

      Thanks for the post, glad you enjoyed the food and I like Poi, but its like wall paper paste.


  8. JMB Says:

    Hi Rev. Gregori

    I Just wanted to lament on, how unfortunately correct you are.

    And to Kini

    There are currently 8 tea parties that I know of scheduled for the 4 of July, in the big cities, one of which is in Chicago, my wife and I are planning to be there with really big signs.

    • Localmalcontent Says:

      I’ll just add here, that Oklahoma had six Tea Parties on April 15th.
      And like you, JMB, I’m hearing that many more are in the works for July 4, including one in my small, small town.
      That’s where our strengths lie, in countering this gov. spending/taxing.

  9. Dennis Says:

    These cultish groups normally take a long time for their members to wake up, if they ever do. When it becomes fashionable, as is the Obama cult, the struggle to have folks come to their senses is especially difficult. Common sense has to be shouted from the roof tops at every chance. Common idiocy permiates the boob tube. Even the so called entertainment shows like Leno, Letterman, Fergeson, and the like paint people with common sense as lunatics. Will be a hard fight to save the United States.

  10. Jamie Panama Says:

    I hope you would not mind if I placed a part of this on my univeristy blog?

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