Would you buy a car from Obama?

aupunikaaaoleNo Government Cars

Would you buy a car from the government?   That’s the latest offer proposed by General Motors. In order to pay back their government loan, oh, I meant our tax dollars loan.  The government doesn’t have any money, because it has our money, our tax dollars.  Our Money!  They gave a bunch of  “our” money, almost 25 Billion Dollars, to General Motors as a bailout so General Motors wouldn’t go bankrupt.  Which we, the American People,  did not authorize as loan this size or this risky.

GM said in a news release that it will ask the government to take 50 percent of its common stock in exchange for canceling half the government loans to the company as of June 1.

I didn’t want my tax money used to bailout General Motors, neither do I want to own General Motors stock.  If I wanted to own general Motors stock, I would buy one of there vehicles.  But I will never, ever, purchase a general Motors vehicle every again.  Burned too many times by General Motors and now they want me, the tax payer, to exchange stock for repaying my money?

NO, NO, NO!!!

Say goodbye to your money America.  Your taxpayer money, stolen by the government, is going down the drain.  Neither a bankruptcy, nor a unholy alliance between government and private industry will bring that money back.  Either way, the loss is in one big bankruptcy ruling by a judge, or a slow drain of tax payer money over time driven by the government.


Birds of a Feather?

And what of the UAW, the Auto Workers Union?  What will they gain?  What will they lose?  Will the President bail out General Motors to save the UAW with taxpayer money?  Will the UAW members now become workers of the government?  Will the UAW be subject to standards and practices of government employment rules?

Will the UAW continue to price themselves out of the market?

What kind of automobiles can we expect will be be produced by the government?  What kind of marketing will the government use to sell these vehicles?   Will the government impose design standards?  How will those government standards define the next generation of  General Motors vehicles?

gmGovernment Motors

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?   Don’t even have to change the logo.

I wonder what kind of advertisements will come about with this new car company?

GM is living on $15.4 billion in government loans and faces a June 1 deadline to restructure and get more government money. If the restructuring doesn’t satisfy the government, the company could go into bankruptcy protection.


Don’t worry!  The money Angel will save GM!


What’s For Dinner?


Rotisserie Cornish Game Hen with Baked Red Bliss Potato and Sweet Corn


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