Useful Idiots



AND, the post is back, but further scrubbed:  The 10% comments are removed, but the same HATE speech is still there.

Updated 5/12/2009  –  7:35 am HST

Apparently someone at the Muslim Association of Hawai’i was reading their own comments and scrubbed it from their webpage.  I went to find it this morning and all traces of their comments were gone.  I’ll keep watching this website and next time, I’ll capture the whole page and post it.

Updated 5/9/09 @9:39am HST

Our legislators here in Hawai’i are USEFUL IDIOTSA ISLAM DAY?

For what purpose?  To make them like us before they already hate us?

Most of the people here in Hawai’i are either Buddhist, Shinto or Christian.  There are other religions here, but these are the predominate religions.  Heck, we even have a religion of Marijuana.  Anything goes!

There are so many other problems this state has to deal with.

So why are they, our elected officials, passing legislation to have a Islam Day?

The resolution proclaims September 24, 2009 as Islam Day.  It passed the Senate 22-3 vote and it had previously passed in the House.   This legislation seeks to recognize “the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions” Islam has made to the world.  What about the religious intolerance Islam has brought to the world?


“We are a State of Tolerance”, said Senator Will Espero D-Waipahu


The one lone Democrat that voted against the bill, Senator Josh Green D-Waimea, apposed it on church-state fears.

Senator Green is a  coward.


What is the Muslim Associations of Hawai’i saying?

Islam day HCR100 Resolution was on the agenda yesterday (Wednesday). Senator Hemmings (Republican) gave a hate speech in opposition talking about the 10% of Islamic terrorists who want to kill Americans.


The reason I am sharing this with you in details is because bigotry and hate for Islam and Muslims still exist in Hawaii as clearly shown by the 3 senators that voted and spoke against Islam Day and especially Slom and Hemmings.

Just 10% of Islamic terrorists that want to kill Americans?

Is that too many, or not enough?

Your perceived bigotry,  is only the manifestation of your own demented religious beliefs in Islam.  Your misogynist attitudes, your hatred of American traditions and it’s people, reflect your real intolerant values.  We here in Hawai’i are tolerant.  You are obviously not.  You quote ten percent of Muslims as terrorists who want to kill Americans. That’s a lot of Muslims bradda.  How many of that 10% are living among us in Hawai’i?

So why haven’t  the other 90% of Muslims spoken out against intolerance?

Why haven’t you spoken out against terrorism?


While Britain and Europe cowers to Muslims demands here in America, in Minneapolis-St. Paul:  Muslim cab drivers are refusing people “suspected of carrying alcohol”


Muslims at the  Indianapolis Airport are demanding, and getting, foot baths installed for their religious rituals.

Many of the taxi drivers are Muslims who pray five times a day. The prayer involves many rituals, including washing the feet.

So, they are installing foot baths to accommodate their religion beliefs.  Are there any other religions in this “tolerant” country have airports capitulating to their religious demands?


These pictures show a more realistic view of  the Islamic influence in Europe, and how it can influence America.  The problem with Islamic fundamentalism creeping into European society has changed peoples lives into living in fear.   The fear of anything offending Islam.  Such as a cartoon.



If the turban fits, wear it.  You never see Muslims protesting the violence against non-Muslims.  The killings in Darfur, the Murder of Theo Van Gogh, the riots over a cartoon. The list goes on and on.

The Religion of Peace

If there is to tolerance, then it has to be reciprocal; however, tolerance doesn’t seem to be in the Muslim vocabulary.  Click on the link above and see for yourself.


Hijab or Bikini?

I really want to know.  Why would a religion, a people, that rejects just about every American value in this country want to live here in our Pork Loving, Bikini wearing, Transgendered accepting, Gay Living, Alcohol Loving, Pot Smoking Hawai’i?

WHY?  It’s obvious there is a more nefarious reason than the peace loving examples Muslims demonstrate.


What the supporters of this bill don’t realize is that in a Muslim society, our American lifestyles are offensive to Muslims already.

Why are we giving Muslims a special day?    They hate us already.


What’s for Dinner?


Grilled Pork Chops with Mashed Potato’s, Gravy and Sweet Corn



5 Responses to “Useful Idiots”

  1. Localmalcontent Says:

    That pork chop is Haram, infidel…
    Just sayin’.

    Man, I’m so with you on this affront, this bowing down to Islam.
    will there soon be a Jewish Day, or a Protestant Day Holiday in Hawai’i?
    And if not, why not?

    As you already know, Kini, in Europe and in Britain, they gave the Muslims an inch, and they took a mile+. Get ready, Hawai’i!

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha LMC,

      It’s the only kine pork I like!

      Thanks for the comment my friend. The Muslims have caught on to the victim crying that liberals use to force their argument. Next you’ll hear them claim this is a civil rights issue.

      I just cannot got over the mind set and what the motivation was behind our legislators approving an Islamic Day. We have so many issues that are more important.

      Just a sample of how stupid the ruling democratic party is here, the democrats overrode the Governor’s veto of a tourist tax making it more expensive to visit Hawai’i. Tourism is our largest industry, we have a bad economy, we need to encourage tourism, not make it more expensive to visit Hawai’i.

  2. KING-slave of ALLAH ! Says:


    If you guys are true and we muslims are really bad,then do tell me why you use lies and hoxes to make islam bad…


    Why you blame your own faults on us…


    • Kini Says:

      The face of Islam is the rule of sharia law.

      It is incompatible with with the western way of life.

      You kill innocent people.
      You are intolerant of others not like you.
      You segregate and subjection of women, under penalty of death.

      Judging by your readers comments, you’re just looking for attention.

      Good luck, looser

  3. Dennis Wokoun Says:

    Kini…… Been trying off and on to pinpoint where and who you are…. we share a similar belief. This is off subject but years ago I followed Ian Lind’s website since he does have some redeeming value…. Photographs.. Tons of them. A lotta vintage protest flicks of himself, wife, Jim Albertini and best of all our bud, Mr. Neil Abercrombe.

    I’m sorry it’s late in the action stage but you need to check out these flicks… Absolute GEMs. I looked today after a brain phart and most of the site is still in tack.



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