Raising Your Taxes


Raising Taxes is what the Hawaiian legislature loves to do.  Even during an economic downturn, the Legislature raised taxes on the wealthy, certain home buyers, Tobacco, and tourism.  Why?  To balance the budget.  That’s state law.  Can’t balance your budget, take money from people!  YEA!

A $5 Billion dollar budget.  With a $300 Million in tax increases.  Not that taxes are not already high, but now the Legislature is after our largest source of income to the sate: Tourism.  It’s like the Legislature hates visitors that come to Hawai’i.   Visitors that bring in income to a broad range of local people and to the tourism industry as a whole.  From the entertainers to the service people that makes up the economy of Hawai’i, our livelihood is threatened by greedy Democrat Legislatures that want to take our money: through unnecessary taxes.

If you make it too expensive to visit Hawai’i, who will come?


Pua Lilikoi

This seems to be the standard operating procedure for Hawai’i Democrats.  When times are tough, raise taxes.  When times are good, raise taxes.  When in times are in between, raise taxes.  Passing legislation to reduce taxes isn’t in the Democratic vocabulary, at all.  Our Governor, Linda Lingle, vetoed the tax hikes and the democrats want to over turned the veto.

Here’s a video that puts it all in place



Are you better off for it?


What’s for Dinner?


Pan Seared Sesame Crusted  Ahi Tuna on a Jasmine Rice Cake with Saute’ Broccoli and Crimi Mushrooms


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