Ken’s Diner


Nestled at the corner of Kanoelehua and Kamehameha Avenues in Downtown Hilo is a fabulous restaurant diner named Ken’s House of Pancakes.  Just across the street from the famous Hilo Bay and Banyan Drive, Ken’s is just minutes away from where many visitors come to stay.  Ken’s is by no means just a tourist attraction, but a local kine establishment.



Ken’s House of Pancakes hosts a broad menu selection as well as a 24 hour availability.  Everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner,  anytime of the day.  Ken’s “Sumo Loko” is a legendary culinary challenge not because you won’t go away hungry, you won’t be hungry for three days!!!


You can always tell how good a restaurant is by seeing how many people are there at anytime of the day.

Or  Try  looking for a parking spot!


What’s for Dinner?


Eggs Benedict with Pancakes, Potato Hash Browns, and Sourdough Toast

With a choice of Maple, Lilikoi, Coconut and Guava syrup!


2 Responses to “Ken’s Diner”

  1. zardoz007 Says:

    Even though we spend most of our time on the Kona side whenever we hit Hilo we always try to make a stop at Ken’s. I still haven’t figured out what time of day they’re not busy. Well worth the wait and the parking hassles.

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha Zardoz,

      The only time I evah seen Ken’s parking lot empty was when they were closed for renovations.

      I love the Sean Connery reference in your blog name. Zardoz was the most bizarre movie I’ve ever seen and there is only one James Bond, the first.

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