Cap and Trade: What it Means to You


Cap and Trade Tax and What it Means to You

With spasmodic order and efficiency,  The Democratic controlled Congress is rushing en mass towards legislating the environment through Green Technology Legislation, also know as Cap and Trade.  The Teleprompter (President) of the United States suggested we use Spain’s Green Efforts, as the model to follow.  Spain has indeed taken the lead in Green Technology.  Windmills, Solar and Biofuels are just some of the technologies that Spain has employed.  So, why is Spain’s unemployment rate so high?

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN),  explains Spain’s economy and high unemployment rate.

What’s worse, our elected officials still, have not, and will not read their legislation.  Here’s Henry “Nostrils” Waxman (D-CA) declaring, he doesn’t exactly know whats in the bill, but he relies on someone else telling him.  This is our tax dollars at work folks. You are listening to a idiot congressman, which our tax dollars pay his salary, we employ this numbnut, and he doesn’t read what’s in his own legislation.  Is this the kind of government you want?

However, somebody did read what’s in the legislation and here’s what they found.

From the Washington Examiner:

A Heritage analysis also found that Waxman-Markey is the largest, most intrusive energy tax increase in American history. It would reduce the nation’s GDP by $7.4 trillion, raise electricity rates 90 percent and gasoline prices 74 percent. Apparently, the authors of this legislation were unaware that a recent poll found six out of 10 Americans oppose energy policies that raise their electricity bill by even one cent, much less practically double it. And the final kicker is that the bill’s effect on greenhouse gases emissions would be just barely measurable.

Just like the TARP bill that passed without any debate and despite 9 out of 10 people were against using tax dollars to bail out banks and corporations, it passed anyway.

The energy bill is more than 900 pages long.  So in an effort to try and fast track the bill before the Memorial Day break, Henry Waxman (D-CA) hired a Speed Reader to read the bill.  You’ll notice members of Congress laughing  and carrying on, but this is not funny.  This is serious and it will hugely impact our lives in Hawai’i Nei.

Funny it is not

Here on the Big Island of Hawai’i we rely on fossil fuel energy.  We have some geothermal, wind and solar energies, but the majority of our electrical grid is from fossil fuels.  The infrastructure to use so called green technologies is just not here to replace fossil fuel plants already in existence.  It will cost millions of dollars to replace the current fossil fuel technology with green technologies.  It’s a good idea, but time and money is needed to put those cleaner technologies it in place,  and there are so many questions yet to be answered:

How does the windmill technologies handle windless days?  How does Solar power work on overcast and cloudy days?  What’s the alternative when these technologies are limited by nature itself?  Who will handle the maintenance and cost of up-keeping these green technologies?   Until these questions are answered, green technology is severely limited in its success and scope in replacing the current fossil fuel technologies.  The cost of using alternative fuels such as ethanol (food for fuel) has proven to be costly and ineffective.  Just talk to anyone that operates boats, generators, and lawn and garden equipment.  The maintenance and repair of small engine repair is costly, and due mostly to the use of ethanol blended fuels.  Then there is the homeowners and the businesses cost to convert to solar or any other green technology.  There are government tax breaks, but the overall cost to convert to alternative power sources is still beyond what the average Hawaiian homeowner or business can afford.   In the case of business, the cost to upgrade or convert to green technologies will be passed on to the consumer as higher prices for goods and services.  As the cost of doing business gets more expensive, employers will have to cut back employment to meet budget constraints.  Unemployment will rise and consumer spending will decrease.

Cap and Trade is a Tax that will hurt the environment and employment in Hawai’i


Our Hilo Power Grid, so Fragile

From the Heritage Foundation:

Eighty-five percent of our energy use today is based on CO2-emitting fossil fuels. The ability to switch to non-CO2-emitting energy sources over the next 20 years is limited and expensive. Therefore, significant cuts in CO2 emissions require significant cuts in energy use. The energy cuts, in turn, reduce economic activity, shrink GDP, and destroy jobs.

The cap-and-trade schemes, as well as more straight-forward carbon taxes, limit emissions by making energy sufficiently more expensive that they cut their energy use. In addition to the direct impact on consumers’ budgets for electricity, gasoline, heating oil, and propane gas, these higher energy costs will  force cutbacks on the production side of the economy and lead to lower output, employment, and income.

In other words, we’ll end up like Spain

No Habla Espanol?


What do Plants Consume?

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is an essential component for life on this planet.   CO2 is not  harmful to human health, it is apart of the human anatomy and operation.   Legislative or regulatory action against CO2 means The Congress doesn’t understand the fundamentals of basic High School Science.  CO2 is a fundamental element to all known forms of life, and studies show that increased CO2 levels are beneficial for crop production.  Which begs the question of why are we using Food for Fuel.  Ethanol, made from Corn, and used to fuel automobiles and other gas powered equipment, when we have plenty of untapped oil waiting to be drilled.


Could the increase in CO2 be attributed to the use of Ethanol?

So, this is what Cap and Trade is suppose to be about.  We use our food, which feeds us and makes us strong and healthy, and use use it to fuel our vehicles for transportation.  The price of food goes up due to supply and demand, market forces and such, all in the effort to make us feel better about saving the planet???  There’s not enough Corn Flakes in the world to justify that logic.

People who are deeply concerned that increasing levels of CO2  in the world will somehow cause environmental catastrophes, are abuse about the science.   There have been calls to significantly restrict CO2 emissions.   The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared CO2 to be a hazardous to humans and a pollutant.  But this is completely absurd.  Humans expel CO2 when we exhale.  Will our breath be considered polluting?

Will we be taxed, for breathing?


Accident Waiting To Happen

Among the proposals to reduce CO2 levels are carbon taxes and cap and trade policies.  If enacted, these policies will hurt businesses, hurt employment, hurt the growth of the country for years to come.  From an international point of view, the United States will cease to be a Super Power and become nothing more than a third world country.  Broke!  We’re already becoming a third world country just by our government’s spending money, we don’t have.

Does anyone think China, India and other developing nations will follow the United States Cap and Trade policies?

Oh yeah, they will, at our own peril.


Profits from Corruption

If Cap and Trade legislation is enacted, the new law stands to make someone a substantial profit, but who?     Somebody who lobbies for The Obama:  Jeffery Immelt is the CEO of General Electric (GE) and parent company to NBC News and cable News MSNBC, had made huge contributions to the Obama campaign and stands to profit from any Cap and Trade legislation that The Congress passes.   Because GE owns the liberal news agency, NBC, it can effectively silence any conflict of interest a government and corporate entities might have.  Additionally, because GE has been so poorly run by Jeffery Immelt and the GE Board of Directors, GE’s stock price has plummeted since Immelt took over from former CEO Jack Welch.  What to do, to profit from a Carbon Tax plan that uses Cap and Trade policies.  You align your company with the incoming administration’s plans to tax other industries out of business by providing the Carbon Credit Offsets.  For a price.

Corruption by Government and Corporations.  Entangled to fix elections.  To rig legislation.  To Bribe the Congress with Votes and Money.  TO LOBBY THE CONGRESS and THE PRESIDENCY.  Is this the Hope and Change you were promised?  Yes. You. DID!

Yeah, it’s being done.  There is no Transparency.  Corporations, like General Electric, are poised to make Billions of dollars as payment for their support of the Obama.  A failing Corporation, GE, stands to gain Billions of dollars through Government Contracts.  GE is also the parent company for NBC News and MSNBC.  Is GE using the public airwaves to push their agenda.  Is this not an example of Abuse of Power?



In this corner is the Guru of Global Warming, Albert “Goracle” Gore.  This Inconvenient  Truth is all about making a profit from a Global Hoax.  Where in fact, The Goracle has been making deals and alliances designed to profit himself, off of our expense.  The Goracle wants the immediate freeze on U.S. emissions, a ban on coal fired electrical plants, tough new fuel-economy and energy-efficiency standards, renewable energy mandates, carbon taxes and mandatory targets and timetables for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.


Rising Ocean Levels have yet to be seen

Like ice melting in a glass of water

The level never rises

From Human Events:

As for Al Gore, the former Vice President brings emotional fervor to his carbon crusade. He travels the country displaying charts and graphs, quoting scientific experts and appealing to philosophers and religious leaders to save the planet from global warming. But he says nothing about his business partners who yearn to trade on the emerging carbon market. And the media pay no attention to the companies offering “carbon advisory services” that will profit from federal carbon emission controls.


‘A’Oia No!

What does this all mean to you and me?  It means higher electric bills.  Higher food costs.  More Job losses.  Less choices and more regulation.  Less Freedom.  All under the disguise of protecting the planet from ourselves.  Never mind that the planet has been around longer than us.  That our planet has gone through several climate changes from Ice Ages to the Medieval Warm Periods.  These changes in the Earths climate was not, and is not, caused by man.  Current human lifestyles may contribute changes in the earths climate, but the impact is negligent when compared to earth’s history .  However, what is changing is the politics of fear.  This Chicken-Little approach to profiting from fear is the new industry to crop up from corrupt politicians and greedy industries.


AND, You thought the Bush Administration was corrupt, eroding our freedoms and trampling on the Constitution.

The fact is, they are all corrupt and complicit  in spending our tax dollars.

Keep Saying to yourselves you Fools:



And now, For your entrainment pleasure.  The Dark Pelosi, Speaker of the House.


What’s for Dinner?


Grilled Opah Stacked on a Jasmine Rice Cake with Steamed Carrots and Broccoli


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