Flag Day


Greatest Moments in Flag History

On April 25, 1976 at Dodger Stadium, Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, grabbed and secured the American flag from two Muslims attempting to burn our flag in the middle of the playing field. It was an outstanding display of American Patriotism.


Freedom is Not Free.  It must always be defended.  Especially from those who would take it away.


The Akaka Bill

Ka Ho’onele i ke Kanaka i Kekahi Mau Pono

The forfeiture by the individual of some rights

Aloha should be for all, not for the select few


Where I work, Everyday is Flag Day


What’s for Dinner?


Sunday Snacks

Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese on Ritz Crackers followed by Glass of Champagne


2 Responses to “Flag Day”

  1. Localmalcontent Says:

    You are A Great American, Kini,
    I’m so proud to know you.

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