Burger King Introduces: PornoBurger

A New Low In Vulgar Ads Aimed At Young Customers

A New Low In Vulgar Ads Aimed At Young Customers

(H/T) HotAir

As the new Burger King under construction in Pahoa nears completion, I am curious about what will be on the menu.  What will BK include with the sandwich, Condom’s or Condiments?  What will be next BK Porno product offering?  The John Holmes Smokin’ Chokin’ Chicken Sandwich, the Rod Jeremy Hot Pork Injection BBQ sandwich.  At $6.25 per sandwich it better come with a cold drink, fries, and cherry flavored edible panties.

Sex Sell, But Who’s Buying

Well, not exactly, but the lyrics are interchangeable.


What’s for Dinner?


Holoholo to Ken’s House of Pancakes fo sum Local Kine Grinds

Food you can Trust where it’s been.


2 Responses to “Burger King Introduces: PornoBurger”

  1. John Powell Says:

    The woman is made up and posed to look like a blow-up sex doll (er, so I’m told). Happy Ending Meals, anyone?

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha John,
      I seems selling food takes a back seat (pun) to selling sex.
      It will be interesting to see if BK sales increase.

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