House Passes Cap and Trade Bill


Today, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2454, the so called Climate Bill.

Which is really a Tax on Energy usage.

Expect prices for just about everything to rise exponentially

This morning, a 300 page amendment was added to the bill.




Obama has consistently Lied about Not Raising Taxes.  Now with the help of the Democratic led Congress, the first step to destroying our freedoms has begun.  Amendments added at the last minute, no one in the House had the time to read and understand what was in the amendment or in the Bill itself.

This is going to effect Hawai’i in the most adverse way possible. We rely on energy being available in order to live our lives.  This will reduce our standard of living in Hawai’i.  Everyone will be effected.

Listen to what Obama said

So he won’t raise our taxes, just on corporations that we need to sustain our way of life.  We do not have any of the so called Green Technologies in place to offset our current technologies.  How much abuse will will we take from politicians that don’t care about us any longer?

This will destroy tourism in Hawai’i.

This will destroy Business in Hawai’i

This will raise the price of Food in Hawai’i

This will raise the price of everything in Hawa’i

This will destroy Jobs in Hawai’i


Hopefully, the Senate will have the sense to see what this bill is and kill it.

We need leadership in our government.  Where are the adults?

Update: An epitaph from Vodkapundit: “Never have so few stolen so much from so many to achieve so little.”


What’s for Dinner?


Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with Saute’ Broccoli and Mushrooms


2 Responses to “House Passes Cap and Trade Bill”

  1. Localmalcontent Says:

    Glad to see that, at least you, realize the forthcoming damage to the delicate economy of Hawai’i by this massive taxation bill.
    How much (IRRELEVANT) aerosol carbon is produced to fly to Honolulu?!
    For it will destroy your tourism.
    For it will destroy jobs, and job creation there.

    It’s so sad, witnessing idiots in charge.

    We can all hope/pray that the Senate kills the effort, but how damn likely is that considering Obama’s illicite and purely skindeep popularity?

    • Kini Says:

      It is so frustrating that more people don’t see the erosion of our freedoms. This evil lies and lies, and yet people follow along like idiots.

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