Obama’s Solution: More Government


Biggest Fraud on the American People


Government Run Health Care will only create Bad Solutions

Last Friday’s headlines from Canada reports a sad story of parents having to send their baby to a US hospital for emergency care.  The parents could not get passports to visit their child in the US hospital.

A critically-ill premature-born baby from Hamilton is all alone in a Buffalo, N.Y., hospital after she was turned away for treatment at local facility and transferred across the border without her parents, who don’t have passports.

The larger question is why the baby could not get quality care from Canada’s state run health care system.  The reason is that Canada could not handle the demand for neo-natal care because of it’s government single payer system.  Here in the US, any child regardless of having insurance or not, would have been admitted into any emergency room and would receive the best quality care.  That would also be true for any person, insured or not, citizen or not, would receive the same quality care when admitted into any US emergency hospital room.

So, why wasn’t there a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit bed available in the entire nation of Canada?  Reason: The Canadian government will not pay for it.  The government run Canada Care cannot handle the supply and demand of its citizens health care needs.  The Canadian governments single payer system exists to ration health care as a cost savings effort.  So Canada had to outsource this child’s medical needs to the US because Canada’s system had no available bed for this child.  What will happen when the US enacts a single payer health care insurance system that will cost trillions of dollars and push us into the same kind of rationed health care system that Canada has?  If Canada has to outsource its patients off to the US,  where will we outsource our patients?


The ABC News Infomercial, “Prescription for America“, was nothing more than a chance for the Obama to give long-winded vague answers to already predefined questions.  The program was defined as looking for solutions for a broken health care system.  But is our health care system broken?  When the pre-screened hand-picked audience was asked about the current state of health care in America, they all agreed it needed to be changed.  Just to give you and idea of how much time was spent by the Obama trying to answer questions, look at this chart:

graph copy3Out of the 75 minutes the network dedicated over the two programs (commercials excluded), the president managed to take 60 percent of that time: 45 minutes to give 19 vague responses – not exactly the “dialogue” advertised by ABC:

To give you another perspective on how one sided the whole ABC infomercial was, not one Republican critic was allowed to ask a question.  Not one critic of the plan.  Where is the fairness?  Where is the transparency?  Where is the promise of a new tone of civility in  government?  There was none and the State Run Media further proves my point.  Take the last part of the ABC infomercial where Aetna’s Insurance president Ron Williams said the Obama’s plan is like introducing a new competitor that has rulemaking ability that only the government will have.

Not to be undone by that slanderous remark to the Obama, Diane Sawyer decided to focus on the Aetna executive as being the bad guy:

“If I could, I’m going to bring in Ron Williams from Aetna, CEO of Aetna, and if I can reverse the order a little bit Mr. President, I’d like to ask a question of him and then let you comment on his answer,” Sawyer said. “Mr. Williams, Aetna, to take one, an insurance company. We hear people all over the country people see their premiums going up 119 percent in the last several years. They see the profits of the insurance companies, the billions and billions of dollars, even in a lean year. They see profits in the billions of dollars. Is the President right – that you need to be kept honest?

OK, the assumption by that line of questioning is that the insurance companies are dishonest.  That they are only after profit and they are unconcerned by the public’s need for affordable health care.  Are we to also assume that the government is as clean as the wind driven snow also?  That the state run media will report the news fairly and balanced?  Of course, anything that can be corrupted, will be corrupted.  Right now, there are more members of the Congress under investigation than insurance companies.  This whole ABC infomercial is nothing more than a sham, a television farce that promotes the Obama agenda of driving this country into a socialist welfare state.


Should be OBC, the Obama Broadcast Corporation, but Obama hates Corporations

Let us consider the role of  insurances companies.  Yes, insurance companies have refused to insure people with preconditions.  This is unfair and it should be stopped.  Insurance companies are inherently in the Risk business and therefore should not be allowed to either refuse or over-charge for insurance coverage.  Coverage costs should be rewarded  and reduced when a consumer takes steps to live a healthy life.  If however, a customer engages in risky behavior (i.e. smoking, alcoholism, drug usage) , then that should be priced accordingly, or at least provide coverage that accounts for that person’s risky behavior.  I am not saying that risky behavior needs to be regulated.  What I am saying is that behavior is the responsibility of the individual.  Insurance companies should promote education for healthy lifestyles and encourage a schedule of cost savings per individual habits, needs, affordability and willingness to pay the  premiums.  That is the individuals responsibility, and this is neither the insurance companies responsibility nor the governments responsibility to regulate the individuals activity.  Live your life as you want.  Live with your decisions on how you care for yourself, your children, your health, your lifestyle.  Your decisions.  That’s freedom.

Let’s consider the role of doctors.  There needs to be tort reform. The capping of out of control lawsuits that are driving the price of health care through the roof.  Right now, many doctors either over-prescribe or run a battery of tests to insure they are covering all bases in case the patient should sue for lack of treatment or diagnoses.   Doctors also need to practice reform among themselves.  When a physician is a bad practitioner, then physicians need to remove that person from accreditation.  When a physician looses their license to practice in any state, then they should not be granted a license to practice in another state.  Just like the quack doctor that used a screwdriver to mend a persons spine here in Hawai’i.  That same doctor lost his license in other states before moving here and finally killed his patient.  You cannot get a drivers license in another state if you have lost your license in another state.  The same should be true for medical licenses.

Let’s consider the role of government.  It is not the governments role to provide insurance of any kind.  Neither is it the government role to bail out insurance companies when they make bad business decisions.  Emphasis AIG.  It is neither in the Constitution nor is it in the Bill of Rights that government should provide health care for its citizens other than the defense of the republic.  The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people [Tenth Amendment].   Meaning if the individual states want to mandate health care, then it is that state’s prerogative to do so.  Let the people in that state pay for their own health care.

It has been tried before, and it did not work.  Hawai’i tried to enact a Universal Health Care system, but had to drop it after seven months because people that could afford their own children’s health care costs opted to drop their private care for the state care program.  It was a complete disaster.  The state could not afford  the costs and by law Hawai’i has to have a balanced budget.

That’s not the case for the Federal government.  The Federal government does not have to balance its budget like the states do by law.  The Federal government does not have to worry about competing  against private companies because the Federal government is not profit driven like private companies are.  The Federal government can change the rules anytime it wants. The Federal government will just raise taxes to pay for the cost of insuring health care.  As the cost of health care rises, the government will have to raise taxes to pay for the costs.  As the costs get higher and the people complain about the high costs, and the government will be forced to ration health care in order to pay for it.  Resulting in a Canada like health Care system.  Where will we outsource our health care?

Do you really want some pencil neck Washington bureaucrat to decide your health care decisions?

That’s what you are doing if you let the Obama pass his Universal Health Care.

What the Obama is trying to do is Unconstitutional.  Period.


So who taught the Obama what he knows?


Domestic Terrorist and Teacher of the Obama, Bill Ayers

Pulling the Strings of the Puppet


What’s for Dinner?


Mango Glazed Chicken Breast with Grilled Pineapple and Steamed  Jasmine Rice


2 Responses to “Obama’s Solution: More Government”

  1. Norris Hall Says:

    I’d take an Obama plan any day.
    Here’s my story
    My wife and I are self employed and over 60.
    She has some preexisting conditions
    We pay all our own heath care premiums…no employer or government helps us at all (unlike members of congress who have a wonderful publicly supported heath care plan)
    So you read about some Canadian who comes to America for heathcare.
    Get this. Once a year we hop on a plane and fly 14 hours (plus 3 hour layover in Taiwan) to Bangkok Thailand so we can get affordable heathcare.
    Because at our age and being self employed, our monthly Blue Shield Premiums are over $900 per month….and that’s for a plan with a $8000 deductible.
    So we pay over $10,000 a year for insurance…and on top of that we have to pay for every doctor visit, operation, pill and test that we get.
    Needless to say we can’t afford to pay $10,000 plus $8000 every year
    So we fly to Thailand where the heathcare is excellent and the cost is 1/10th that of the US.
    So although some Canadian couple somewhere had to fly to the US for medical care….I know personally someone who has to fly from the US to Thailand for the same thing.


    • Kini Says:

      OK Good point.
      Stay tuned. I have a question to your post.
      I will publish your comment.
      I think it will be a good discussion to this debate.

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