Obama Joker Poster

Obama Joker Poster Popping Up In Los Angeles

(H/T News Busters)

Apparently, it’s beginning to appear in odd places in Los Angeles, but nobody seems to know who’s responsible for it.

I’m in Shock and Awe.


Via Tammy Bruce


Is America Waking Up?

Don’t know who is responsible for this, but please pass the word around.


Sunday, August 2nd, around 3:30 PM

Via HotAir

This is undeniable truth that Obama is a liar, a crook and a Socialist.

Via Political Abacus: Milton’s Question

This is an important question.

Circa 1979


What’s for Dinner?


Rubic’s Cube Sandwich


10 Responses to “Obama Joker Poster”

  1. Localmalcontent Says:

    Wow- coming from and finding these Joker posters in L.A. IS a real mystery.
    Imagine that! Los Angeles.?!

    I will pass this along, friend Kini, with hattip to you; I especially liked the second Freedman vid, with Phil Whazzhisname.

    You know, I had to take 18 hours of Econ. in college, beginning with Keynesian economics by a Libtard professor; by the time I was ready to graduate, I wrote a paper on the absurdity of the Social Security system in the U.S., how it can never work, for the only Conservative Econ. professor I encountered at OU;
    I received an A on it.

    And look at us now– more Ponzi-scheming of the U.S. citizenry with welfare, unemployment, and soon Universal health care. Unless we act now.

    In England, the Labour party has passed a “parking space” tax!!, of 350 pounds/year.
    We’ll see that very soon here too, to pay for all of this Democratic, socialistic “benevolence”.
    Sorry, Kini, that this comment is so long.

    P.S.- the Mrs. and I have become hooked on KAPA radio, online~!

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha LMC,

      Thanks for your kind words and you can never post too long. I always enjoy your comments my friend.

      Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are Ponzi schemes run by the government. They are heavily in debt and offer substandard services. Why would anyone think a single payer government run health care system would be run any different?

      Kapa has some really good Hawaiian music. The Jawaiian style is a little jumpy for me, being an old fuddy, but overall I listen to it all the time.

  2. Most Rev. Gregori Says:

    We should drag that lying bastard out into the street and [Portion Removed by the Blog’s Author]. that is all he really is.

    • Kini Says:

      I really do not want to go down that path and make threats towards either the President or anyone else Rev. Gegori. I have removed that portion that could be deemed either offensive to others, or especially by law enforcement.

      As a reminder; we do not hate Obama nor anyone other person, that’s not what we are about;
      We just hate Obama’s policies. For the Obama is misguided; he was raised and trained by leftest that hate the United States. They find the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as a hindrance to their goal of domination.

      Obama is just being who he is. What he was trained to be.

  3. Localmalcontent Says:

    Perhaps, friend Kini, the 60s’ band, TenYearsAfter, sang it best:

    Tax the rich, feed the poor,
    till there are no rich no more,
    tell me where is sanity?

    KAPA is awesome! and,
    Aloha to you and yours, from me and Leticia~!

  4. Jokebama « docweaselblog Says:

    […] E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe: Obama Joker Poster […]

  5. Xavier Cugat Says:

    Where’s the Birth Certificate?

    • Kini Says:

      Here is the Birth Certificate

      Thanks for the post Xavier. I think while Obama keeps his birth certificate a secret, it distracts from the real issues of what Obama is doing to this country. It also makes us look as unhinged as the radical left.

      He’s the President with bad policies. It’s those policies that I would rather see people focus on.

      Health Care, Cap and Tax, and now this Cash for Clunkers debacle. It’s all a waste of tax payer monies. Chasing birth certificates is a waste of time. Fighting these bad policies is far more important. Lets focus on the larger picture.

  6. Jokebama Jape – docweasel.com Says:

    […] E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe: Obama Joker Poster […]

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