Na Mea ‘Oia’i’o


Sarah Palin 1 – The Media, The Democrats, The President – ZERO!

The state run media is running around bashing Sarah Palin calling her lacking in knowledge and uninformed.  Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson must be having a cow about how the former Alaskan Governor can make a comment on a Facebook page and influence Obama policy.

How ironic is that?


Mental Midget and A Make Believe Journalist

Fox News continues to dominate the cable news networks with Fair and Balanced reporting.  Real Journalism by Real Reporters.  Although, I draw the exception with Geraldo Rivera as nothing more than the token liberal nutcase who’s journalism skills are nothing more than that of a grocery store tabloid magazine.  Pure Rubbish.

Sarah Palin won the debate on a Facebook website by exposing a Death Panel that the Health Care Bill proposed.  However, there are some that still believe there wasn’t a Death Panel in the bill.  If that’s so, then why did they remove it?  It was an End of Life Provision that stated giving doctors money to convince the elderly, the very sick and the very young, to allow death as a way to save health care costs.  This is Obamacare.

Our own Hawaiian Representatives, Maize Hirono and Neil Abercrombie, have continued to tow the Obama party line by continuing supporting the false premise that the Obamacare is the cure all for healthcare in this country.  God only knows what Akaka and Inouye are thinking, but I think they will follow the blind party line into Socialize Medicine.  And for that, we will all lose.

A thousand Pages in HealthCare Bill and not a word about Tort Reform.

How is this Healthcare?


A government run by Special Interest Lawyers doesn’t represent the people.

Both Democrats and Republicans be forewarned, 2010 is just next year.


What’s For Dinner?


Poached Sockeye Salmon with Grilled Red Bliss Potato and Asparagus and Steamed Sweet Corn on the Cob

(Not A Government Approved Dinner)


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