Political Cowards


This morning, the local newspaper the Tribune-Herald, reports that Senators Inouye, Akaka and House Representative Hirono announced there will be no town hall meetings on the Big Island.  WHY???

Could it be FEAR?  I think so.  What a cowardly act by not visiting our island, we the constituents, would like an answer.  Instead, they want us to visit their websites.   That does not answer our questions and our concerns.


From Jason Armstrong at the Tribune-Harald:

“Mr. Akaka is not planning any town hall meetings,” his press secretary, Jesse Broder Van Dyke, said in a phone message. “He always welcomes input on all issues from people on the Big Island, and anybody who submits letters on his Web forum at akaka.senate.gov will get a response, and all letters are read. So, anybody who has comments or suggestions is welcome to contact Senator Akaka that way.”

I don’t want to ask a question on a webpage.  I want an In-Person forum.  I want to hear from others with similar questions.  The idea that we should ask questions through an email exchange is nonsense.  I’ve met Senator Akaka before and I’ve always thought of you as a stand up guy, someone who cared.  Now, I don’t know what to think anymore.


My representative is Hirono.  I have yet to meet her.  I have asked her questions through email correspondence.   I have been completely dissatisfied by the answers given to my questions.  Her answers are always, visit my website for answers.  I have, and Hirono, your website is full of misinformation.

Again from the Tribune-Herald:

Rather than conduct a series of town hall-style health care reform meetings on Hawaii Island, Congresswoman Hirono will meet with businesses, health care providers, and other island groups to discuss this critical issue,

This is unacceptable.  This is cowardly.  This is ignoring your constituents and Crazy Mazie Hirono, you should be ashamed.  I have been to your website madam, I have read your Health Care Myth and Facts and it’s loaded with inaccuracies and generalities.  Do you think we are that uninformed?  Do you think we are stupid?  I want to know have you read the bill?  I want to know will you put yourself and your family on this same plan you support.

I have read the bill.  I do not believe you have.


What’s worst, is that Senator Inouye, Hawai’i most senior Senator is planning the same thing.  Duck and Cover.  Avoid your constituents.  Ignore the people you say your support.  Is this how you want to be remembered?

What is wrong with addressing Tort Reform?

What about purchasing insurance across state lines?

Why are you not talking about the cuts in Medicare to fund this Abomination?

This is arrogance to an exponential level.  What must you people do to see what’s happening to this country?  The revolt against this is clear and loud.  Why aren’t you listening to US?  All of you?

The government is not like a business.

It does not pay taxes.

It does not pay rent.

It does Print Money.

Which Business Has to Earn.

It is your duty as elected officials to listen to the people you represent.

It is our voices you Represent.  What Happened To YOU?

2010 is just around the corner.  Do you really want to anger us further?

You Work For Us.



What’s For Dinner?


Pan Seared Red Snapper with Jasmine Rice and Saute’ Vegatables

Lets see FBI put this up Front


5 Responses to “Political Cowards”

  1. manhattanteaparty Says:

    Yep, all of Hawaii’s “representatives” are Party machine hacks. Sadly, they will get re-elected next year without opposition or trouble.

    • Kini Says:

      And we have a consistent low voter turnout each election year.

      With “No Vote, No Grumble”, Hawai’i continues to poison its self with mediocre leadership.

  2. margaret wille Says:

    THANK YOU KINI FOR THIS BLOG. I AGREE WITH YOU TOTALLY. Transparency and Accountability, that is what is being asked of these folks. And what is with Senator Inouye supporting spending hundreds of millions of dollars on more F-22 jet fighters, when even the Pentagon says this is not the best use of military spending. Time for Inouye to reevaluate his reverence for the military industrial complex as higher priority than all else.

    • Kini Says:

      Mahalo Margaret, I appreciate and respect your opinions. I really don’t care about which political affiliation our leaders have, I just want access to them in a public forum where we can all ask questions, any questions. It appears we on the Big Island are not worthy enough to be graced by an in person visit by our government representatives. Inouye can find the time to bless a stretch of Saddle Road, but cannot find the time to take questions in person like the one you asked.

      To be honest, it seems this batch of legislative lightweights seem to be of the opinion that we should sit down and shut up. It seems they all have forgotten who they work for.

      Your piece on the Akaka bill I found informative and very insightful. Nice work!

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