Cash For Clunkers


Epic Fail at that.  What if, you are young person and you want to buy a second hand car.  Now you cannot find cheap parts for the car at the junk yard.  Because all the car parts have been all crushed and given to China as scrap metal.  Where’s the sense in that?  This is an effort to rid the country of cars that the Obama considers a violation against GAIA, the goddess of the Earth.  This Neopaganism disguised as Environmentalism has plagued this country for far too long.  Just look at what kind of vehicles are being built in this country.


Electric Vehicles

Nice looking roadster.  I have no problem with electric cars, but if they call them good for the environment, then that’s a lie.  Alternate technologies are good.  However, calling these cars environmentally friendly is simply not true.  This is nothing more than a bailout for the car companies.  How so?

The Cash for Clunkers gives up to $4,500 dollars for anyone turning in their old gas guzzling car for a new energy efficient car like this roadster.  That’s the real problem.  The government is manipulating the market by dumping money into a program to pay the unions for their support in getting Obama elected.  It’s an incentive, till people realize they either cannot pay for the the car or realize the car is more expensive to maintain.  For example, what happens to an electric car under extreme temperatures.  Extreme cold and heat.  Batteries do not work very efficiently under extreme conditions.  The Unions and Car companies benefit in additional new car sales, but the program has twice run out of money and the Obama has announced scrapping the program.  Why?  Because It’s Unsustainable.

What about the cost of charging the batteries?  Where does that power come from?  It comes from the same coal powered plants already in place.  We do not have windmill power, we do not have wave power, we do not have solar power.  Even if we did have alternative energy technologies in place, there are no transmission lines in place to transfer that power.  It just doesn’t exist.


T. Boone Pickens

Remember this guy?  Remember when Pickens Plan was to create windmill farms using large tracks of land in Texas?  Land that would have need to be condemned to set up such a scheme with the government using Eminent Domain.  How else could something like this could be done but by grabbing land in the name of the public good.

Since then, Pickens has changed his tune.  Now propane gas is his message.  What happen to windmills?

What changed?  On July 8, 2009, The Wall Street Journal reported that T. Boone Pickens has postponed plans to build his Texas wind farm. He said the project was stopped partly because existing transmission line capacity wasn’t available. His company had planned to build new lines, but couldn’t get financing.  I really think Pickens is playing an Al Gore type of strategy, except he’s more like a bull in a china shop.  Whereas, Gore uses Hollywood scare tactics to predict the end of the world and line his pockets, Pickens tries pandering to the environmentalist to get his agenda funded by the government.

But I want to focus on the government’s misuse of tax payers monies, billions of dollars to pay for this Cash for Clunkers program.  Some dealerships are still waiting to get paid by this scam of a stimulus program.  To you car dealers, I say, don’t destroy the cars.  The government hasn’t kept its end of the bargain, resell the clunkers for a profit.    Besides, you’re car sale people, didn’t realize you were getting bamboozled, snookered, hoodwinked by an honest to god political flim-flam man?


Government’s Good Intentions

If people would only see that these feel good programs are nothing more than band-aids to a much larger problem.  General Motors, Chrysler and Ford have a common enemy.  The Unions.  Sure, there was a time in this country’s history that unions were needed.  However, the pendulum has swung  far to the opposite direction.  Now the Unions dictate how a company will be run and we’re seeing the results of union control through the decline of the company’s themselves.  The government bailed out GM, Bailed Out Chrysler, and luckily for Ford, they didn’t except bail out money and Ford is doing much better than GM and Chrysler as of this writing.

Cash for Clunkers pumped some money into the auto industry, but has it really helped the industry?  However, it’s temporary.  Fleeting.  It has no impact on the overall economy.  Except to spend more tax-payer money.

By the way, some of you may be watching the Stock Market these days.  Sure, it’s been up, but wait till next year when the bills are due.  Hyper Inflation, Tax Increases and Rising Costs.  You cannot print money without having something to back up the value of the American Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Something will have to give and we have seen this all before.  You may not remember it, but you only need to go back to the 1930’s during the Great Depression to see the same examples of how the government helped make the recovery a disaster.

The Deficit, Now and Projected


This Is Our Future Debt.  How are we going to pay this off?

Hawai’i’s state unions has threatened to sue the governor because they say they were not properly consulted on layoffs the governor has proposed to cut costs.  Yet, the governor gave the unions a choice.  A choice to take furloughs, a reduction in hours, a reduction in pay, but still keep your job.  Sure, you would have to budget for the sacrifice, but you’ll still have your health care, you’ll still have an income, you’ll still have your job.

However, the Unions leadership wouldn’t have any of it.  They Said NO!  So now the layoff have begun.  Now the Unions are suing because they say they were not properly consulted about the layoffs.  Yet, the governor clearly said the alternative to furloughs is layoffs.  DUH!!!

Last time I checked, I voted for the Governor and not the Unions.  You’ve made your bed Unions.  Sleep In It.

Just like the SEIU and the UAW, your leadership is destroying your jobs.

What’s for Dinner?


Grilled Chicken Salad with Garlic Croutons


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