Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in the country, and probably the number one upscale eatery on the Big Island.  There are many establishments of fine food (Hale ‘Aina) on this island.   Some commercial establishments feature local kine foods, others reflect cultural dishes of their native countries like Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines.

From Fast Food drive-thru’s to Styrofoam containers of Chicken Katsu with Rice and Mac Salad, a sit down with a good Pineapple Curry,  Butterfish Laulau, Chicken-n-Squid Lu’au with long rice and Pork Adobo.  Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm!!!!!

Da Grinds Broke Da Mouth


Then there is the Exception

The first time I visited a Roy’s Restaurant was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Right in the Heart of Center City Philadelphia, across the street from City Hall, near cobble stone streets and drenched in American History.  Here was a little taste of Hawai’i in the great North East of America.  WOW!


Roy’s In Waikoloa

A busy kitchen that reminds me of Fox’s Hells Kitchen, a television show I find extremely entertaining, but not very educational on food preparation.  For that, I usually go to the Food Network or Epicurious for recipes.  However, I’m out tonight to have someone cook for me.  I usually grade the quality of my culinary experience in several categories.

Taste.  Presentation.  Originality.


Starter : Seasoned Edamame

As usual, I could not help but get started before I took the first picture.  But these boiled and salted Soybeans are an excellent starter.  A nice beginning to examine the menu, observe the surroundings, and soak in the ambiance.



I know to some folks, this is not something that some people would agree with.  However, alcohol is like pairing good food to good conversation.  Munchies Anyone?  A Lychee Caiprihina on the left and a Lychee Lemon Martini as starters to examine the menu.



Whoa!  But at second look actually sees a remarkable value.  After perusing the contents of the regular menu, and comparing prices, I chose the Prix Fixe for its value and selections.  Included with the wine pairing, this dinner was going to be a very special event.  So ordering a bottle of wine is not needed.  Plus, the wine pairing should complement the food selections.  An Appetizer selection, an Entree’ and Dessert all paired with a wine to enhance the experience.



Szechuan Baby Back Rib

Bamboo Skewered White Shrimp

Char Siu Pork Spring Roll

(Ruggeri and Co. Roy’s Prosecco Sparkling Wine “Extra Dry“)

This was an interesting pairing of both wine and food.  The Rib meat was falling off the bone and a sesame green onion reminded me of more of a Korean Kalbi style rib.  The White Shrimp was cooked perfectly; however, the accompanying  cocktail sauce was small and not very interesting.  The Char Siu Pork Spring Roll was a classic example of the traditional deep fried spring roll stuffed with julienne vegetables and traces of Char Siu Pork inside the roll.  The sparkling wine was crisp and somewhat sweet, but very good.  It reminded me of Korbels “Extra Dry” Champagne.  Yes, I know because it’s not from the Champagne region of France you cannot officially call it Champagne, but a sparkling wine.  Yeah and I can also call Coca-Cola a carbonated beverage.  If it’s bubbly and it’s wine, then it’s Champagne to me and my opinion is the only one that counts.


Macadamia Nut Crusted Island Fish

Kona Maine Lobster Essence

Deliriously Delicious!  That all I can say.  Well, the fish is a Broadbill Swordfish that is quite popular and plentiful here in Hawai’i, and was cooked quite exquisitely.  This offering was a rare excellence of production and execution, as works of art or workmanship, as taste that cannot be compared on any scale.  Yeah, I liked it.  I loved it!


(Roy’s Chardonnay Santa Babara 2007)

The wine paring was enjoyable and tasty.  The Kona Maine Lobster sauce was a bit puzzling not only for its name but lack on any lobster taste in the sauce.  I guess the two sauces were suppose to represent Maine and Kona lobster?  I’m not really sure what the point was, but overall it was very tasty.  The Red Bliss Potato’s were cooked nicely, and the Asparagus was fork tender, the fish was prepared and cooked excellently.


Roy’s Melting Chocolate Souffle

(Clos Chatart Banyuls 1999)

What can be said about Chocolate Souffle accompanied with Vanilla Ice Cream and Raspberry sauce.  In a word, YUMMY!  The wine pairing for the dessert was an excellent choice of a fortified Port wine that complements the sweetness of the drink with the sweetness of the chocolate.


When you take in the sights of Waikoloa with its beaches, shopping, and fine eateries you get the best of the Big Islands tourist locations and a great place for locals to visit as well.

Now that dinner is over and the bill has been paid, the clock starts another year of saving up money for another visit to Waikoloa.

Till then



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  1. thefoodfighters Says:

    Always wanted to try his food. He’s a serious chef!! Nice post!

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    i would like to think that the best restaurants would serve very delicious and healthy foods –“

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