Happy Labor Day Hawai’i


Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions ALL workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

I started writing about this last night, and this morning in the Tribune-Herald an opinion article appeared with my thoughts about Labor Day.  The timing could not be more appropriate.

It Does Not Mean Happy Union Day



There was a time when this country needed Unions.  Since then, Unions have perverse themselves from the meaning of freedom and Justice, and into Government Bailouts.  Give us Votes, We Will Give You Policy.  Unions have become a Protection Racket caring only for the upper echelon and giving out t-shirts to workers when political action is needed.

Union leaders have made themselves wealthy at the expense of Union Workers.  Workers have suffered from the abuse of Union Bosses.  Financial support for unions is mandatory making union leaders unaccountable to the rank and file workers.  Big Labor thrives on government granted special privileges based on coercion.

Non-Union workers are constantly being threatened to Join or Die.  Compulsory Unionism.  Accept the terms of the Union Bosses and give up your right to negotiate your own employment terms.  How is this freedom?


Labor Day Freedom

Labor Day is about honoring hardworking Americans who make our economy prosper and not union bosses who rely on forced unionism privileges  for personal and political gain.  One only has to look at the United Auto Workers and the Service Employees International Union to see the corruption.


I found this video that is totally hysterical and accurate.  I hope you get a laugh out it as I did.

I almost shed a tear because it’s hits too close to home.

The Government can because they mix it up with lies and make it all taste good.

(Hat Tip David @ Le Antagoniste)


5:00 PM HST

Got tired of watching Fox News reruns and decided to watch the local news.  KHON2 has a poll on the influence Unions have on Local and State government.  Unions are concerned about layoffs and the failing economy.  The State is perhaps the largest employer in Hawai’i.  Unions are demanding the state either raise taxes to protect their jobs or raid the Hurricane emergency fund.  That’s my money that they want to pay their salaries.   How fair is that?  Absolute Greed.

Representative Neil Abercrombie (D) wants to spend $10 Billion dollars in high wages for a massive construction project in the federal territory of Guam, restrict  the ability of foreigners to get those jobs and hope Hawai’i residents, although 3,800 miles away, will flock to Guam for the work.  These are Union Jobs only.


This is current result of KHON2 poll as of 5:30 PM HST


Food For The Holiday


Beer, Beans and Dogs


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