Vauge Speeches And Bold Lies: Obama’s Message To America


How can anyone Trust a person that needs a teleprompter to speak?

When they cannot speak from the Heart.

Did anyone listen to the Obama’s speech before a Joint Session of Congress tonight?  Did Obama explain any specifics?

Who will pay for the Public option.  He did not explain how it would work.  Platitudes and gobbly-gook language and Cheap Shots would be a better description of this message.  Nonproductive 50 minutes of our lives we’ll never get back.  And maybe that’s the point.  Just Baffle Them With BS. Them is US by the way.

For Christ’s Sake:  Did anyone get any details on how the Obama health Care Plan?  I didn’t.  Who’s gonna pay for it?  Where’s the money gonna come from.  Lecturing Americans claiming his policies are under attack by false accusations, e.g. Death Panels,  are false.  Then why is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the health policy adviser to the  Obama and brother of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in Obama”s Cabinet?  This guy is Doctor Death.  Obama wants us to convince us that death panels are not true.  THEY ARE!!

I am firmly convinced that Obama is a Flim-Flam Man.  A Snake Oil Salesman.  A Charlatan.

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Obama’s Mentor’s


I was asked by another blogger to tone down my accusations of Obama as the Socialist Fascist that he is, and to be more reasonable and rational regarding the issues of Health Care.  BS, I say BS.  What I heard tonight is Rubbish!


Not Discussed


Allowing Insurance Across State Lines

Just the same Old Government Take Over of individual liberties.

The Ignoring of the American Voice ” We DON’T Want This Obanamation“.

Think Carefully Hawai’i Representatives and Senators.  You represent us.  You vote for this CRAP.

There is no compromise on this.

Obama called his Democratic Friends, Progressives.   That code word for Communists, Socialist and Fascists.

Guard what freedoms you have America, because the Progressives are going to take it away from you.



What’s for Dinner?


Name: Mazie Hirono

Occupation: Hawai’i 2nd District Representive

Notable Achievements: none


6 Responses to “Vauge Speeches And Bold Lies: Obama’s Message To America”

  1. manhattanteaparty Says:

    The same, tired crap from Ozero. I watched campaign speech number 786. He has no ideas, just his happy talk of how government bureaucracy can do things more efficiently than the market.

    And yes, he is a liar. But, speaking truth to power is not operative when Deathocrats are the power.

  2. manhattanteaparty Says:

    P.S. More dog pictures!

  3. John Powell Says:

    HEY! He generously offered to work with the liars, ideologues and corporate stooges that oppose nationalizing medicine! Whaddaya want? Honesty?

  4. 2010 in review « E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe Says:

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