The 9-12 Project : A National Success



“Hell hath no fury like a taxpayer ignored”

For years, both parties in Congress have been ignoring their constituents.  The attitude our Elected Congressional leaders have shown us has finally reached a crescendo of Anger in August, and now in September, members of Congress are finally going to hear our voices.

Today hundred of thousands marched on the Capitol in protest to Government Bailouts, Socialist Government Health Care, and Out of Control Government Spending.


Hilo did it’s part in participating in the 9-12 rally

I had to work on this beautiful Po’aono (Saturday), during my break I took a drive by the rally and took these pictures from my van.  Breath-Taking.

Sorry for the blurry pictures.  I wish I could have done better, but this is what I have.


The rally took place on Kamehameha hwy near the King Kamehameha statue on Bishop Street.  About a hundred people lined the road waving signs and flags.


Honk for Liberty!

As I was driving by, people could see me taking pictures and I gave them the Shaka right back.

In Washington where the largest protests took place, authorities were unprepared for the magnitude of people arriving to demonstrate peacefully.  An American Right.

From the New York Times:

The demonstrators numbered well into the tens of thousands, though the police declined to estimate the size of the crowd. Many came on their own and were not part of an organization or group. But the magnitude of the rally took the authorities by surprise, with throngs of people streaming from the White House to Capitol Hill for more than three hours.


Silent Majority No More

Democracy in Action.  The Republic is taking back the country.  I did some skimming on the internet to see what was happening around the country and just about everywhere around this Great Country there were Tens of Thousands of Tea Parties.


These people look real angry, right?  I have not seen anything like this in years.  Ordinary people, not professional protesters that show up wearing purple SEIU T-Shirts, but average Americans wanting real change in Washington.  Sure, most of the protesters were Conservatives, but there were also Democrats, Libertarians and Union people.

From the Washington Post:

Jeff Mapps, 29, a stagehand and labor union member from South Philadelphia, left home about 6 a.m. to attend the protest. He said he had not been involved in previous demonstrations but that he watches Fox News host Glenn Beck “all the time” and wanted to be part of an event that he thinks will be historic. Beck had drummed up support for the march.

Holding a sign that said “Preserve, Protect, Defend” on a Red Line Metro train packed with conservative activists, Mapps fretted over a “blatant disregard for the Constitution.”

“We’ve been watching it for six to eight months,” he said. “It was finally an opportunity to get involved. It’s been boiling over. . . . It’s not just about health care. It’s about so much more than that.”

Anna Hayes, 58, a nurse from Fairfax County, stood on the Mall in 1981 for Reagan’s inauguration. “The same people were celebrating freedom,” she said. “The president was fighting for the people then. I remember those years very well and fondly.”

Deriding what she called “Obamacare,” Hayes said: “This is the first rally I’ve been to that demonstrates against something, the first in my life. I just couldn’t stay home anymore.”


We The People : We’re Back

There are many people that either just don’t know, or just don’t get it.  Take Comedian Wannabe Janeane Garofalo rants on the Tea Parties as nothing more than racists that hate a black man as president.  She couldn’t be more wrong and disgustingly vulgar.

This is not about Black and White, this is about Freedom.  This is not about Democrat and Republican, it about government not listening to the people.  It about following the Constitution not changing it to suit government appetite for more control of our lives, our businesses, our decisions.  Do not underestimate  the will of the American people.


Which One Are You Drinking?

With a picture of a Tea Bag and Pitcher Kool Aid, the message is clear.  Don’t Drink the Kool Aid.  If you don’t know what that means, Google It.

Another group of people that just don’t get it is the News Media.  What I like to call State Run Media.  From Brian Williams of NBC bowing to Obama, to the rest of the media gushing at Obama’s presence.  Their objectivity has been destroyed.  Their credibility have been diminished.  Their worthiness to report the news accurately, fairly report the news.  To arrange, adjust, or proportion the parts news symmetrically.  Or as Fox News says:  Fair and Balanced.

Take CNN for example.  The first Cable News Network.  You would think the influence of CNN would stand for Accuracy in Journalism.  Over the years, CNN like other news outlets have let the American people down.  Like the politicians, they, CNN and other news networks, do not fear the American people.  The media thinks we’ll accept anything they tell us.  Or do they?

Tea Partyers Drown Out CNN Reporter During Live Report

She seems rather annoyed, yes?

CNN, Credibility Question?


Remember CNN’s Susan Roesgen coverage of the first Tea Party?  Maybe it’s revenge for the condescending reporting CNN has consistently given.  The dismissal of the opinion of average Americans by members of the News Media.  You don’t see that with Fox News.  Why is that?


I’ve never been more proud of the American People than I am today

Especially the people of Hilo Hawai’i.  God Bless You All!

How many people showed up at the Tea Parties?  They don’t like to give estimates on how many people showed up, but I like this estimate from Day By Day.



What’s For Dinner?


Steak and Lobster with Steamed Yukon Gold Potato and Garden Salad

(Not a Government Approved Dinner)

But Delicious anyways



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  1. ab initio ad infinitum Says:

    Hey Kini,
    Hows traffic, Iv’e been sending a bit from twitter. You’re keeping your blog up nicely. Still eating better than me but I’m working on it.

    will chat again,

  2. Kini Says:

    Aloha Chad,

    Traffic’s been pretty good lately. I’ve been wondering where the Twitter hits were coming from. Thanks!

    I’ve actually gained traffic ever since the FBI Blogs banned me. I guess facts and reason offends the liberal mindset. {sniff, sniff, sheds tears of sarcasm}

    Apparently, my posts made a lefty so unhinged that he removed his blog from their collective. Awww!

    Thanks for posting, it’s always great to hear from you.


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