Changing The Subject


If you are the Democratic National Committee,

and you are stymied by the likes of a Rodeo Clown like Glenn Beck,

AND, you produce an Ad like this…

I Love Rodeo and I Glenn Beck

I didn’t know Glenn Beck was running for office.  But, Hey DNC, are you sure you got this right?  What’s your message?

This weekend, the Obama is going to all Major(?) News Networks to pitch his Health Care plan.  That includes Univision, a major political station…. ?…?.  However, Fox News is not included?  Why?

So why not go on Fox News?   You got a problem with Fox News?  Have you seen the ratings Fox News brings in?  It has the largest viewership, the largest audience.  Forget Fox News for a moment.  The National News Networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and the Cable Networks have been losing viewership. BIGTIME!  So why not go on Fox News Obama?   They have the largest audiences in the world.   Obviously, you, and your administration are afraid of Fox News asking the tough questions.  Pity,  because it’s your message Obama.  You can’t take criticism of your message?  You’d rather use suck-up networks that bow to you?

Are you scared of Fox News Obama?

By the way, who watches the Sunday Network political talk shows?  I think only Bloggers like Hot Air’s AllahPundit (♥) and lesser important people, like me, who are giving comments to comments.

So when the DNC makes an ad, pointing out what Glenn Beck is pointing out, of Obama’s CZAR’s, using Bush’s CZAR’s, you have to ask the question.  When did Glenn Beck announce his candidacy for Office?


On a Special Note.  Hanna Giles and James O’Keefe should be given a Medal of Honor for their delivery of real Journalism, Real News.  This is so refreshing and ingenious.  Two twenty year old’s that out smarted the Fringe Media, the Main Stream Media and uncovered who ACORN really is….   YES THEY DID!   To use a euphemism.

Why?  They saved us from having to give more of our tax payer money to the Obama community organizers.   More of our American tax dollars given to corrupt organizations.  Remember, this is the same organization that helped get Obama elected.  Along with other corrupt organizations like the SEIU.  A Union.

But then, the Fringe Media (State Run Media) no longer reports the news.  They just take their marching orders from George Soros.  We the bloggers, videographers, the average ordinary citizens, we have to do the work the highly paid, highly educated, and highly snobbish liberal media will not do.  Report the News.  Fair and Balanced.

Question:  Why does Fox News pummel the other news networks ratings?

During the Morning, Day and Evening.  Why?

Listen to the song and ponder the words


What’s for Dinner?


Grilled Mahimahi Burger with Local Grown Tomato’s and local Corn On The Cob

Just for Fun.

Japanese Heavy Metal

Pretty Good, Yes?

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