If Obama Lies, Does Anyone Hear It?

kaEkahiTHE ONE

Stephanopoulos to Obama: Isn’t a health-insurance mandate a tax?


I guess the Obama uses a different dictionary than the rest of us use.  Either that, or the Obama just openly LIES!

What If I Don’t Own A Car?  Do I still have a to Pay Car Insurance?

Your Critics are Correct, This Is A Tax, This Is Taking Over Everything


It’s a TAX.  By any other name, a TAX is a TAX.

The One went on to say:  “I don’t care what the dictionary says … it’s not a tax increase”


I can see Bull Shit walking a mile away.  Why do I need to see it close up and on television news.

(If you can call it News)

Obama went on how many news programs this Sunday?

And this is the only News Program that asked a tough question?

You Have to be kidding me.

CarterPoor(Attack Cartoons)

I’m sure Jimmy Carter will call it RACISM


What’s For Dinner?


Grilled Pork Chops and Asparagus with Red Bliss Potato and Gravy

Don’tcha love the Pitch Fork Layout


6 Responses to “If Obama Lies, Does Anyone Hear It?”

  1. Localmalcontent Says:

    I think we are only seeing the beginning- of the Dems. canniblizing their own.
    All Obama does is lie, and now that many are realizing this, (both the MSM and the public) he may become even more a tyrant.
    His ego is damaged and bruised, but Zero cannot see that it is he doing the damage~! So WTH? Lie some more.

  2. manhattanteaparty Says:

    Cool, another dog picture. Of course in this context a dog picture is … wait for it … raaaaacist!!!!

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