Congress Rejects Rep. Abercrombie’s Boondoggle



Congress actually made some budget sense by rejecting U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie’s (D) ridicules proposal to restricting constructors to hire only Americans in the construction of new living quarters for Marines transferring from Okinawa to Guam.  Apparently, Abercrombie thought that flocks of Americans would go to Guam for those construction jobs.  Abercrombie also wanted the wages of American workers higher than any foreign workers.

Abercrombie’s proposal would have doubled the $10.2 Billion dollar construction costs to house the Marines and their families.  Which in reality will probably will exceed that estimate before completion anyways.  These projects ultimately do have cost overruns.  Which we the taxpayers ultimately pay for.


U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D)

Balding Hippy

Abercrombie desires to be the next Governor of Hawai’i and he is preparing a campaign to run for that office.  If Abercrombie intends to govern Hawai’i like his Guam proposal, then he will drive the State of Hawai’i into bankruptcy.  Not only was his Guam proposal discriminatory to local Micronesian residents hoping to land jobs in Guam, because the foreigners will be paid artificially lower wages as compared to any Americans workers doing the same job.

What’s interesting about the Abercrombie’s proposal is that American workers would be paid at a higher rate than foreign workers.  For example, electricians would make $39 dollars per hour, whereas foreign workers would make only $14 dollars per hour.  American Bricklayers would have made $35 per hour, and foreign workers would have made only $12 per hour.  The construction project would required contractor to hire 70% American workers before any foreign workers could be hired.  Seems pretty fair, right?  After all, Abercrombie is only looking out for the American worker, right?

However, it’s the American Tax Payer that would have to pay the bill.  Guam is an American territory in the Mariana islands in the north Pacific ocean and Philippine sea.  Besides the native people who live on Guam and the surrounding islands, there is also Micronesia and Palau.  Both the locals and territories are in need of good jobs.  This kind of arrogance of squeezing out the local population is hardly democratic, but is typical of democrat policy and union favoritism.  This wasn’t to help Americans, it was to pay off the unions so that Abercrombie will get the Union Vote come the Hawai’i Gubernatorial Election.


Guam is a beautiful place. I lived there in the 1960’s on Anderson AFB.  I loved going to Tarague beach, collecting hermit crabs and hanging with my locals friends.  It was a fun time growing up there.

Abercrombie would use class warfare to benefit his own political ambitions by favoring bloated American Union workers over the poorer unrepresented  locals and foreigners.  Besides that, I cannot see Americans, either from Hawai’i or from the US Mainland traveling half way across the world to work on a construction project when there are more pressing issues in this country.  Like Jobs here in this country.  Like Jobs here in Hawai’i.  No, it’s the typical routine for Democrats to use tax dollars to generate government projects and union jobs.  Money that we the taxpayers pay for.  That’s the problem with democrats, they use other peoples money to help themselves.  By creating government dependent entitlements and jobs.  Democrats are using taxpayer monies to pay for it.  Letting the private sector do the government projects would be unthinkable to democrats because the government, democrats in particular, would not have any control.  And it’s all about control, isn’t it.

Remember that the government doesn’t make money.  The government takes money, from us, the taxpayers.  It uses that money to fund various projects, entitlements and the military infrastructure.  While the military is necessary to protect America and is a vital part of the Constitutional pillars of our government, other project and entitlements are questionable at best.

The construction project is a good thing for jobs in Guam.  However, it’s also a bad thing for Guamanian Chamorros that feel squeezed out of their homeland.  Just like invasive species have eliminated Guam’s native birds.  There are Positives and Negatives.  The jobs are not long term, a negative.  However, the long term is good because the influx of people will help an economy that is mostly tourism.



In other news: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.  Proving that Socialists, Idiots and Non-Achievers qualify for an award that is totally meaningless.

Just goes to show that 5 guys from Norway like to spike their drinks with copiousness doses of Vodka.

What’s for Dinner


Whole Grilled Red Snapper with Fried Potato’s


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