A Tale of Deception

MooleloPaheleWith the fall of communism came a void that needed to be filled by those that want to impose their rules, impose their laws, and impose on our freedoms.  The communist turned to environmentalism.  Noted socialists like Al Gore, a democrat,  has been manipulating environmental causes to line his pockets with money, and at your expense.  The Al Gore film, An Inconvenient Truth, is being used to indoctrinate school children.   When a Judge in Great Britain ruled that the film was exaggerated and alarmist, Al Gore never revised the film to correct his inaccuracies.  Yet the film is still being shown in schools, although with a non-enforced disclaimer.  Like those warnings that everyone fast-forwards through when watching a video or DVD.



What were those offensive items in Al Gore’s movie?



I would venture to say the movie was pure fiction and a political hack job.  What the Obama would call a distraction.  European leftist socialist have endorsed the film not for its environmental message, but for its message of government control over the lives of its citizens.  Already some countries in Europe and many politicians here in this country are actively trying to impose laws on what you can eat, what you can drink, and what clothes you can wear.  You have stories of the Miracle Tax Diet about obesity and how it effects the environment.  That’s how it starts, by regulating activity, they start by making it expensive, then outlawing it.

But this isn’t just about Al Gore, no, it’s about spreading misinformation.  Because Al Gore is well known and many people have caught on to his brand of propaganda.  Now there’s a more insidious group spreading lies about the environment.

It’s all about CO2

Scaring young children into thinking adults are killing the planet

This Is Indoctrination

This is about control.  Control of our lives.  Controlling our habits.  Controlling everything that we do.   We will be controlled by the government.  Academia has been indoctrinating students in higher education for years, so now they are starting at earlier ages.  Ask any student about the subject matter they are suppose to be taught in school and they can’t answer correctly.  But ask them about the polar bears and without flinching they’ll respond, “they’re all dieing“.

Sowing the seeds of socialism

It is a story of Deception



Grilled Chicken Salad


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  1. manhattanteaparty Says:

    Another great post, thanks!

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