Democrats Hate America in 1900 Pages

healthCarerammedDownThroatAnd if you don’t like it, too bad

Nancy (Bela Lugosi) Pelosi, the House or Representatives Speaker and blood sucking vampire, announced a sprawling labyrinth Health Care bill 1900 pages long with convoluted references to each section after section of… TAXES!

It includes a Government Run Public Option.  It also probably includes Health Insurance for Illegal Immigrants, Abortion for Minors and most likely, your right to choose will be eliminated.  Taxes on companies and individuals to pay for healthcare, a government plan that will not stop until you are fully under control by Doctor Obama’s Ism.

1900 Pages of Socialism

That’s how many pages are in the Vampire’s Pelosi’s Health Care Bill.  Put a dollar to every page and that’s your tax increase from year to year.  Add for adjustment in actual cost and that will increase just like Medicare’s inception into law.  Just like Social Security, it’s going bankrupt.  Services will be limited to control costs.  It is inevitable.

You can tell a Bill from the Congress is Bad when they will not allow the public to celebrate its announcement.

House Democrats blocked the public from attending the unveiling ceremony of their health care bill Thursday morning, allowing only pre-approved visitors whose names appeared on lists to enter the event at the West Front of the Capitol.

Apparently, if you are not on the list, then you don’t get to participate.  Only hand picked persons were allowed to attend this cauldron of horror submitted by Nancy (Bela Lugosi) Pelosi and her band of Democratic Flying Monkeys Special Interest Groups.

Are You On The List?


What’s for Dinner?


Pan Seared Ono Over Asparagus Risotto


2 Responses to “Democrats Hate America in 1900 Pages”

  1. Dale Storer Says:

    I also understand that the democratic presenters at the ceremony for this bill were short since quite a few democrats DID NOT agree with this bill, and they showed their ‘support’ by not showing up.

    And if there is a list of acceptable people allowed to the ceremony? That sounds like the ‘Bush Pep Rallies’ not too long ago. They would not let anyone in who did not agree with his policies or wasn’t a stand-up chair filler…

    • Kini Says:

      Yes, the Bush people did keep the crazies out of the Political Pep Rallies. There’s nothing wrong with that.

      However, Bush never prohibited anyone from attending a bill ceremony. Especially when that bill effects all Americans. Pelosi hand picked the audience to attend the release of the House version of the Health Care Bill, and that should have been a public event.

      There is a big difference a Political Pep Rally and a government event. There’s an old saying, “Government By the People, For the People”. Apparently, Pelosi and others, don’t believe in our form of government and the Constitution. Our tax dollars pay her salary and she needs to be reminded that she works for us.

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