Who’s Afraid Of Sarah Palin

kiponaMakauIntense Fear

Liberals intensely fear Sarah Palin.  But why is that?  Never have I’ve seen a person attacked so vehemently by liberals, and by the so-called liberal RINO conservatives, against Sarah Palin.  Even her family has been viciously attacked by members of the media, elitists Republicans, and late night pervert comedians [note the videos have been removed by the source, hmmm].  Could it be liberals sense something intensely fearful about Sarah Palin?  There is something about Sarah Palin that liberals despise more than anything else, and it sends them reeling in fear.  But what is it about Sarah Palin that liberals and RINO’s fear?


Yet, demonized by the liberals

This former [and Successful] Governor of Alaska that was John McCain’s Vice President running mate strikes fear, real FEAR, in the heartless, godless liberal, and RINO.  The liberal that is a soulless selfish individual that believes in killing the unborn, yet coddles the terrorist that kills millions indiscriminately.  It’s because they’re victims.  The liberal that believes Down’s Syndrome children must be aborted, along with normal children.  It’s population control, and all that you know.  All those collectivizes that would deny the liberal thinking mindset of their fair share of everyone else’s wealth.  What real greed is all about.

The liberal that believes in regulating people’s lives.  Taking other people’s money and spending it on projects that are not very well thought out.  Yes, the liberal media is fueling the fire of conservative prejudice by commenting on a book that Sarah Palin wrote, and that book hasn’t even been released yet.  Until now.

Here’s David Brooks, a liberal [wannabe conservative] idiot, that considers Sarah Palin a joke.

I have read David Brooks articles and listened to his ramblings with great amusement and I have to laugh.  Out Loud!

David, do you have a tingle up your leg also?

David Brooks is a lapdog that is only begging for attention from the Liberal Left.

Here’s a panel of liberals, with one conservative bashing liberal, commenting on their greatest fear.  You see, if Sarah Palin were to ever to run for President Of The United States, I firmly believe she would WIN.   That’s their fear.  If Sarah Palin would win, they would loose credibility.  We would WIN.  BIG TIME.  David Brooks would be the JOKE.  Along with his buddy Obama, the both of them are  jokers.

You see, these people like David Brooks, they need to keep a persona, a connection of acceptance with the liberal media.  They need to be relevant and on television with the Sunday afternoon circuit talking heads.  They need to be considered above the fray of the unwashed masses of conservative lifestyles.  David Brooks, and others are a beacon of elitist conservative hoi polloi.

I do not have any time for these idiots anymore.  Seriously.  These would be OP-ED writers like Brooks, Frum, Parker and Noonan, these giants of intellectual elitist obtuseness, that hold the pulse of the liberal left with bated breath for needy acceptance.  These clowns want to be loved by the liberals.  Don’t pretend to be conservatives.  Just make like a tree and leave.   I would have expected better from MKH, but NO.







Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops on a Bed of  Asparagus Risotto



2 Responses to “Who’s Afraid Of Sarah Palin”

  1. manhattanteaparty Says:

    I don’t know. I think Reagan was as viciously attacked by the media for over eight years. Or how about the smear campaign against Quayle? I wasn’t a big fan of his, but the media smear job was an all new low c. 1988.

    It’s what they are. You should listen to some of the academic libtards I have the misfortune of dealing with. These people have serious psychological issues and are world class haters. The smear campaign against Palin is a window into their merde encrusted souls.

    At first I was ambivalent on Palin. However, the media/libtard hate campaign is pushing me into her camp. If she wins in 2012, unseating Teh Won, their temper tantrums will be fun to watch.

  2. Kini Says:

    I admired Reagen and it was his inspiration that started me down the path of free thinking, conservative values and political awareness. And Yes, Reagen was treated poorly by the media. Remember the Challenger disaster? Suggested the White House pushed the launch because of the first teacher in space.

    I feel your pain with having to seal with liberal academia. I was glad when I graduated and could finally tell my profs to sit and spin. Said nicely, with a twist of sarcasm and a smile.

    What I like about Palin is her connection to Middle America. The disconnect from the Beltway elites, MSM and liberals is like a Great Disturbance in the Force [forgive the Star Wars analogy]. But it’s true!!!

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