Obama’s Job Summit : Why Employers Aren’t Hiring

When Obama holds a Job Summit and invites Union Executives and Academics along with some business owners, you have to ask, “were the right people invited?”   Most of these people are were big contributors to Obama’s candidacy.   But, who was missing from the Job Summit?  The Chamber of Commerce.

Both the United States Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business were not invited to share their ideas at the event featuring 133 guests.

Both groups oppose the cap and trade climate change legislation on Capitol Hill as well as the Democrats’ health care reform proposals, which led to a public dispute between the USCC and the administration earlier this fall.

Employers are not going to hire when Cap-n-Tax and the Health Care remain unsettled.  How will the employer be able to forecast what their business needs will be when costs are uncertain?  There’s just too many questions about how the government will interfere with how business operates.   Why would any employer even bother to hire people if the company cannot predict a profit margin?  Companies live and die on profit.  Without profit, you die.  Unless, of course, the government finds you too big to die and gives you beaucoup tax dollars as part of an economic stimulus.  Even then, with all that tax payer cash, there’s no guarantee of success.  What then?

The employer is asking questions:

How much will Health Care cost my business?

How much will the Government tax my business?

Until these questions are answered, no one will be Hired.

The real answer to job growth is less government involvement.  Reduction or elimination of Capitol Gain taxes.

The Job Summit was nothing more than a photo opportunity for Teh Won, the Obama.  Nothing of real value came out of the Job Summit.  A  Waste Of Time and Energy.  The real things that create job growth are not being discussed, not even considered.  But the Obama, doesn’t care about job growth.  Only the growth of government.

Clown President

What’s for Dinner?

Steamed Moi (Mullet) Chinese Style with Rice and Julian Vegetables


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