The Road To Hell

That’s what Hugo Chavez said about Capitalism at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.  Many of the the worlds socialists came to Copenhagen to declare man made global warming is fueled by capitalism.  That’s a lot of hot air going around in Europe.  It’s a sign that desperate communists are using the environment to further their agenda.  It is clear that communists are blaming capitalism for changes in the world climate.

As Hugo Chavez spoke to several thunderous standing ovations about the evils of capitalism and claiming that socialism the path to real freedom.  Socialism and Freedom are mutually exclusive oxymoron’s.  Yet when you get a room full of socialist thugs that rob their own people of their freedoms and proclaiming to be protectors of the environment, you can only come to one startling conclusion:

The Climate Summit is Pro-Anti-Free-Markets, Socialists, Marxist, Dictators.   See Hugo Here!

A Little Warmth Would Be Nice at the Socialist Love Fest

How ironic is it that the summit in Copenhagen would have serious blizzard dumping 4 inches of snow.  Temperatures have been hovering in the mid-20’s making the maritime country of Denmark as cold as its Scandinavian neighbors.  A white Christmas hasn’t been seen in Denmark for over 14 years.   There is plenty of heat though.  The communists have been clashing with police and making it known what their real agenda is all about.

Socialist In Copenhagen

I’d laugh at all this foolishness, but then I remind myself that here in this country the Obama administration is using the EPA  to subvert American Exceptionalism  and remove our sovereignty.  By declaring  CO2 as a pollutant, the EPA would have the power to regulate industry.  In a economic recession, this uncertainty only promotes industry to take a wait and see what regulations will effect their business.  Thus furthering stagnate unemployment.

New regulations driven by the finding could be years away. But unless superseded by congressional action, the EPA ruling eventually could lead to stricter emissions limits. Businesses that stand to be affected range from power plants and oil refineries to car makers and cement producers.

Uncertainty about the impact of such regulation is already affecting some companies. Consol Energy Inc., a big coal and energy company based in Pittsburgh, says it is delaying two large mining projects in Northern Appalachia because of uncertainty around pending carbon emission regulation.

“In terms of starting to move dirt, we would postpone that until there’s some clarity,” said Thomas Hoffman, vice president of investor relations.

Carbon Dioxide is an essential life giving gas and is not a pollutant.  Plants use CO2 as food, we eat some of those plants.  That’s our food.  We breath oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Will the EPA regulate breathing?

This is all an effort to fleece the American people of their money.  A huge wealth redistribution based on a hoax.

Cap and Trade

What’s for Dinner?

Hulihuli Style Cornish Game Hen with Garden Salad


4 Responses to “The Road To Hell”

  1. -S- Says:

    That is the fattest little game hen I’ve ever seen. Looks scrumptuous!

    Had to stop and tell you how much I enjoy your ongoing “What’s For Dinner” Photo posts.

    Merry Christmas (and I’m looking forward to seeing what you and family enjoy for Christmas dinner — me, I’m roasting a turkey).

    • Kini Says:

      Suzy, thanks for your posts. Mele Kalikimaka a me Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      Such is our Hawaiian winters. It’s raining cats and dogs, lightening is our Christmas lights.

      Stay Warm!

  2. Grant Says:

    Green is the new Red. Well not that new, it’s been coming for a couple of decades.

    Merry Christmas and keep your powder dry.

    • Kini Says:

      Really Red. The worst kine.

      With political correctness, among other liberal atrocities, we’ll get through this… somehow.

      Stay Warm in Manhattan, Kansas!

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