Bold Fresh Tour 2010

Tonight, we went to see the Bold Fresh Tour 2010 at the Prince Kuhio Plaza cinema in Hilo Hawai’i

We Were Really Disappointed

Not by the content of the show, the material presented by Beck and O’Reilly was stellar, but the sound quality sucked.  The Sound quality was horrible.  The volume was going up and down, too soft, then too loud.  Just Terrible.  At one point in Beck’s presentation, the sound cut out altogether to dead silence, for one whole minute.   That seemed like an eternity to me.  A patron left his seat to inquire about why our presentation went from a Talky, to a Silent Movie.  Throughout the presentation, the volume on both Beck’s and O’Reilly’s microphones were spotty and difficult to hear.  But that was the bad news.  Was there a real celebrity in the audience?

Was Tim Tebow in this show?

I thought I saw him in the audience?

Did Anyone Else see that?

The presentation was from the Tampa Florida event on January 29th, 2010.  It was supposed to be simulcasted to theaters across the country.  However, not being a country, but an Island, that posed a problem.  I use that statement to describe a logistical timeline issue because we are five hours behind Tampa Florida.

Overall, the show was excellent.  Magnificent!  Would I pay another $50 dollars to see it again.  NOPE!

Don’t get me wrong.  I really loved  Beck’s and O’Reilly’s, message.  It was exactly what I expected, and what I wanted to hear.  It was inspiring to hear other Americans with like-minded thoughts.  Free Thinkers.  Conservatives.  People that care and love this country.  It’s too bad no one had the wherewithal to send people into the audience to get realtime feedback opinion, that would have been great during the intermission.  It would have been better than watching a clock timer countdown 20 minutes to the next segment, and listening to bad music in between.

I would have rather used something like Pay-Per-View Cable than this theater experience nonsense.

Both O’Reilly and Beck spoke about Obama’s State of the Union Address (SOTU).  Many of us felt Obama’s message was more about scolding the American People and the Supreme Court for not falling in line with Obama’s Progressive policies.  Keeping on topic, and making it Fresh, and Bold, and Entertaining, made the experience a worthwhile expense.

Day By Day Cartoons, kinda predicted how Obama’s SOTU speech would turn out, accurately.

Overall, Fresh & Bold Gets Five Shaka’s out of Five

Fix The Sound Guys

What’s for Breakfast?


See Where Glenn Beck Gets His Superhuman Strength From

What Makes It News

Can you trust the media to relay information about issues that effect our lives?  Will we get stories that reflect either both sides of a situation or will we get opinions?  You can go just about anywhere for opinions, but what about accurate reporting on an issues that effect our lives?  Who can you trust to deliver non-bias news?  There are many different mediums which deliver the news.  Newspapers are the oldest deliverers of news, but dwindling subscriptions and bias stories have made newspapers lose their readership.  Radio is another source for news, but generally repeats the same stories over and over, ad nauseam.  Blogs and the internet is a huge place for all kinds of news.  Then there is television.  A source for entertainment and news, and probably the largest media outlet, besides the internet, for news stories.

Opinion journalism pretty much dominates Cable Television News channels.  One can argue that opinions can make up both sides of any issue, thus providing a balance to the subject matter.  The other is credibility.  How fair and balanced do the Cable News stations deliver and present the news.  A good benchmark of the success of any News Channel is ratings.  How many people are watching.  There is a sea of news channels out there in television land.

If we look at how many people tuned to watch the State of the Union address, we can get a snapshot of which channel attracted the most viewers.  The major players in this medium are:

Fox News, CNN, Headline News, CNBC, and MSNBC are the dominate cable network news channels.  What’s remarkable is how alike each channel is, except for one.  Fox News.  Look at the Prime Time ratings:

FNC – 5,244,000 viewers

CNN – 2,441,000 viewers

MSNBC – 1,928,000 viewers

CNBC – 275,000 viewers

HLN – 570,000 viewers


Fox News viewership dominates over all the other cable news networks combined.  Launched on October 7, 1996, Fox News grew to prominence in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s years.  Today, Fox News continues to attract viewers from well established CNN.  Why is this?

The trademarked slogan of Fox News reflects the News organizations approach to News and Opinion Journalism.  When watching any of the shows that Fox broadcasts, you can see the separation between the news reporting and political commentary.  Shows like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Neil Cavuto, Greta Van Susteren, Fox and Friends, Red Eye and Glenn Beck, all political commentary are excellent presentations of today’s political climate.

While Special Report with Bret Baier and Fox Reports with Shep Smith are strictly news.  Other Fox News focused shows are America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly, Happening Now with Jon Scott and Jane Skinner and The Live Desk with Trace Gallagher and Martha MacCallum.  These news shows present news as it happens with both conservative and liberal opinions.  The Fox term, We Report – You Decide, is exactly why Fox attracts viewers across all political spectrum’s.

In September of 2009, the Obama administration began a verbal war with Fox News over its coverage of Obama’s Health Care proposals.  The White House referenced Fox News as “not a News network”, and former White House communications director Anita Dunn asserting that “Fox News often operates as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party.  The White House even tried to prevent Fox from getting interviews with Obama administration officials.  A clear effort by the Obama administration to censor a news network and restrict free speech.  Patrick Caddell, a Fox News contributor and former pollster for President Jimmy Carter said he had spoken with other Democratic consultants who had received similar warnings from the White House to avoid giving interviews to Fox News.

Compare and contrast the other cable news networks and you get a different picture on how they report news and political opinion.  These networks present a deliberate bias when presenting news stories.  MSNBC is particularly the worst in both news presentation and political opinion.  Clearly bias and one-sided news and at times, vulgar political opinion.  The program Countdown with Keith Olbermann, a pretend to be journalist and uber-leftwing liberal ideologue loon, gave a disgusting offensive remark on his program regarding U.S. Senate candidate in Massachusetts Scott Brown by saying:

Brown is an ” irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.

Irresponsible vulgar display from a, supposedly, news network, MSNBC.  This is just one of many examples of a poorly disguised left-wing ideology this offshoot of the NBC network pretends to be.  This is not News in any shape or form.  There is no objectivity, no balance, no counter opinion.  In short, how can MSNBC be considered a News Network?

Keith Olbermann is not the only angry pretend-to-be journalist at MSNBC, there is the racist Chris Matthews and his program “Hardball “.  During the State of the Union speech, Matthews commented about Obama, “I forgot he was black”.  That comment instantly set the Twitter world afire and forced Matthews to explain his comment.  Then there is Rachel Maddow and her repeated “tea bagging” comments about Tea Partiers protests.  An obvious disgusting sexual reference from an openly gay want-to-be journalist.  Making fun and putting down others that you do not agree with will not gain you any credibility, only contempt.  Which also explains why MSNBC’s failing ratings continue to slide downward.

CNN, the first Cable News Network, continues to slide in the ratings for the same reasons.  It’s less about news and more about commentary.  No balance to stories and slanted time to favor a one-sided opinion.  The Massachusetts Senate race is a good example where Martha Coakley received the largest coverage than her opponent, Scott Brown.  Where the reporters become the story.  Anderson Cooper races in to rescue a Haitian boy after the boy got hit by a concrete block.  Commendable yes, but Cooper becomes the focus of the story.  That’s not journalism, that’s narcissism.  While CNN continues to enjoy being shown in many airports around the country, no one is watching.

I almost forgot.  One of the worst offensive disgusting excuses for a human on Headline News is Joy Beher.  Her comment about Pro-Life Football Player Tim Tebow was completely vicious and uncalled for, but this is the liberal mindset.  A Heisman Trophy-winning American football quarterback for the Florida Gators.   Tebow is scheduled to appear in two 30-second commercials during Super Bowl XLIV, in support of the pro-life group Focus on the Family.

“The only argument against any of it is, that, you know, he could just as easily become some kind of a rapist pedophile. I mean, you don’t know what someone’s going to be,” Behar said.

Of course, she said that on the ABC program “The View”, but she also host a program on Headline News.  She considers herself a comedian, but there is nothing funny about her.  Like other liberals, she despises life and success for others.  She is a self loathing hateful being.  A self absorbing piece of excrement that should never be on television.  Let alone a news channel.

As these make-believe cable news networks become more like the Cartoon Network and less like a real news network, like Fox News, their ratings will continue to fall and viewership will continue to change the channel.

A simple example of what they have become

Content Warning

What’s for Dinner?

Kappa Maki (Tuna) Roll


What’s For Dinner?

Any Thing You Want


Something else Obama can blame George Bush for

Anyone wanna bet Obama will blame George Bush this Wednesday when he gives the State of the Union speech?

Anyone wanna bet Obama will mostly talk about himself during the State of the Union speech?

What’s For Dinner?

Creole Catfish

Social Stupidity

Social Change, Social Justice, and Social Engineering:  What the hell do these expressions mean anyway.  Change for what purpose?  Define what it is, that needs changing?  This country was doing pretty good until the Obama got into office.  Although, after the 2004 elections that brought more democrats into the Congress provided the conduit to economic tragedy in 2008.   Within a year after being elected to office, the Obama managed to increase the national debt from a half trillion to one and a half trillion.  A stimulus bill that increased unemployment.  Three deadly terrorist attacks against this country.  OK, two, but the Christmas bomber could have been deadly had the terrorist succeed.  Hows that for Hope and Change.

The Stock Market tanked yesterday 213.27 points today and continues to slide downward after the Obama said, “If these folks want a fight, it’s a fight I’m ready to have.” Referring to Wall Street Bankers as the Fat Cats, the Obama continues to demonize Wall Street as the source of America’s economic woes.  So, the all-merciful and all mighty Obama wants to further destroy the economy even more by threatening to limit what banks do best, make profits.  Profits is what drives business.  You restrict profits, you kill business.  Obama continues to blame Bush for his poor economic policies.  Granted that Bush did throw out his free market values at the end of his term in office, but Obama snowballed that bad policy into greater economic disaster.  Now, employers are hesitant to hire because know one knows what the Obama will do to further hurt the economy.  Unemployment is already in double digits and there is no end in sight.  Obama has no plans, no policy, to improve the economy.  Today, Obama’s in Ohio railing against the banks shouting, “We Want Our Money Back!!” Obama’s lack of understand on how business works will continue to drag the economy down.  Hows that for Economic Change?

Funny how the Obama hasn’t gone after the Automobile Industry to return our tax payers monies.  Wonder why?  Could  it be because they are run by Unions and Banks are not.  What about the money, our tax monies, given to the Automobile Industry?  When will we, the tax payers, get our money back Obama?  When?  As Obama speaks to the Ohio audience, talking about himself, it’s all about I did this, and I did that.  What Obama doesn’t acknowledge is how the Community Reinvestment Act contributed to the economic problem. Obama continues to turn a blind eye to the problems of Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae and other lending institutions forced to relax lending standards and causing the mortgage meltdown.  The largest contribution to the economic problems today.  By allowing housing industry to make loans to people who could not afford them.  People lost their homes and lost their retirement investments.  Hows that for Social Justice?

Obama ignores a history of islamic terrorism.  Obama wants to follow the European example of multiculturalism by allowing people of extreme hatred for this country be tried for crimes of terrorism, as common criminals.  Obama uses class warfare in an attempt to prop up his sagging poll numbers.  Obama tell us not to jump to conclusions after a Muslim soldier kills 13 people at Fort Hood.  Obama is indifferent after the Christmas bomber almost kills hundreds of people.  Political Correctness is putting this country in danger.  Hows that for Social Engineering.

Great news clip on islamisation of Europe. If these statistics don’t wake you up, I don’t know what will. Radical Islam is a grave threat to Europe, there is no denying this. Europe as we know it will be taken by Muslims within the next 100 years. It’s time we stop being politically correct with Islam and confront it for what it is.

Well Done Mr. Obama, Well Done!

Epilogue:  A good leader delivers a positive message, not a message of negative class warfare.  A good leader doesn’t give speeches talking about himself.  A good leader doesn’t threaten industries with job killing government regulation.  A good leader doesn’t make promises he never keeps.  A good leader doesn’t blame others for his own mistakes.  A good leader doesn’t use the past to cover his lack of leadership.  A good leader doesn’t comment on local police issues without knowing what the details are.  A good leader doesn’t keep repeating “This is Not about Me”, and then go on to talk about himself.  A good leader doesn’t talk about creating jobs without a plan to articulate how he will accomplish it.  A good leader doesn’t bribe others to pass bad legislation that will hurt the American tax payer.  And Finally, a good leader doesn’t cause the Stock Market to drop 400 points in two days after opening his big mouth.

What’s for Dinner?

Head Cheese


The Election Heard Around the Country

In a stunning victory, Scott Brown wins the “People’s Seat” in Massachusetts.  The seat that was occupied by Ted Kennedy (D) for 46 years, was won by a Republican in a very Blue of Bluest State.  The virtually unknown candidate from Wrentham, Massachusetts won the special election for the Senate seat by a clear margin.  As of this time, 97 percent of precincts reporting, returns show Brown leading Coakley 52-47 percent, by  a margin of 120,000 votes.

This was a clear referendum against the policies of Obama.  The Health Care bill, Cap and Trade, War on Terrorism and whole host of socialist programs that the American people do not want.  Historically, this is another Tea Party victory.  The momentum will continue to the 2010 elections this November, 2nd.   36 Congressional seats are up for election this November.

As Obama continues to blame the Bush administration for everything under the Sun, but the earthquake in Haiti, his policies continue to grow unpopular.  However, if Obama could blame Bush, he would.

Obama wants to tax the Banking industry, the Insurance industry, the Health Care industry, while giving tax breaks to Unions.  If you work for private industry, you are a target by the Obama.  Obama will not stop until the government controls all commerce in America.  You do not want the Government in Bed with you, because the government is a needy and lousy lover.

5 Democrats are retiring, because no one would have elected them even if they did run:  GOOD RIDDANCE!

Chris Dodd – Connecticut

Ted Kaufman – Delaware

Roland Burris – Illinois

Paul Kirk – Massachusetts

Byron Dorgan – North Dakota

14 Incumbents Democrats up for reelection:  VOTE THEM OUT!

Blanche Lincoln – Arkansas

Barbara Boxer – Califorina

Michael Bennet – Colorado

Daniel Inouye – Hawai’i

Evan Byah – Indiana

Barbara Mikulski – Maryland

Harry Reid – Nevada

Kirsten Gillibrand – New York

Chuck Schumer – New York

Ron Wyden – Oregon

Arlen Spector – Pennsylvania

Patrick Leahy – Vermont

Patty Murry – Washington

Russ Feingold –  Wisconsin

These are the Democrats that must be defeated in November.  There are several extremely liberal, hard left, Democrats that need focusing on.  These are the worst of the worst, that need to be defeated.

But this is a time for Celebration

What’s for Dinner?

Miso Baked Opah Over Jasmine Rice Cake with Saute’ Broccoli and Shallots with Cheese Baguette


Angel Of Death

That’s what I see, when looking at this picture of the pantie bomber, panties.  I don’t know how 72 virgins are going to find this guy attractive after blowing off his twigs and berry’s.  It’s just the way they’re laid out on the picture.  It looks kinda creepy.  What kind of briefs are these, Air Jordan Fruit of the Loom?   What if the bomber wore boxers?

Yeah, I know it’s all been talked about before, but stick with me on this.

I really don’t know if this is the message from The Religion of Peace, but I think maybe it’s a larger message of insecurity and hatred.   Underpants Angel?  I can only thank GOD for the incompetence of Al Qeada, but I cannot forgive the incompetence of of Janet Incompetano. It has been the policy of the Obama administration to downplay Islamic terrorism.  Big Sis, didn’t get to her position as Homeland Security Administrator for being smart, because it’s obviously way above her head, for any and all reasons, this was Obama’s message.   Obama’s decision to put a total incompetent in a position of protecting the American people is as dangerous as allowing this creep to board a plane from Lagos Nigera.  Hey, lets create a conspiracy theory and say Obama allowed the Panty-bomber onto a board a plane to kill Americans.  Just like Bush conspired to kill Americans on 911.

I am so happy everyone landed safely.  This was truly a Christmas Blessing.

Although Airport screening will take on a new dimension.

Now for my point, and stick with me on this, it gets better near the end.  One of my most brilliant posts has been getting some heavy traffic ever since I posted it back in September of 2009.  Although I’ve gotten a few comments on that post, one comment caught my attention.

What’s breathtaking here is the lack of condemnation against the acts of terrorism that occurred on September 11th, 2001.  This commenter goes on to espouse the virtues of Islam, but doesn’t acknowledge the horror of Muslim atrocities against the world.  Well, he, or she, is bias of course.  Blinded by a cult religion that separates their women as fourth class citizens.  Conducts honor killings against their women.  Discriminates against non-Islamic people.

And I’m lectured not to assume a Muslim may be a horrible person?!?!?!?

You Didn’t Read My Post!

The Fast Lane To Discrimination

Some of these people may think I’m Fresh Off the Boat (F.O.B) , but I’m not.  Although, there’s something special about this country that may change attitudes.  One of the best attributes of any people, faith, religion, race and culture is adaption.  Assimilation into the American culture is like no other in the world.  It’s not multiculturalism in the sense of preserving and promoting a culture into main stream America.  Allowing special privileges for people of a particular religion is not an American trait.  Although, there are groups in America that are different from main stream culture.  Take the Amish for example.  Horse and buggy technology, tight knit community.  Then there’s Berkley California and I cannot explain that at all.  But it’s what make America, America.  No one religion is favored.

Judeo–Christian values are the heart of this country’s foundation.  There has been, and always will be, room for other religions in this Great Country.  There is no room for intolerance.

Little did I know that there is a group of Muslims in America with an edge for comedy.

Thank Allah It’s Jumma (Friday)

The Funnest Part is the Imam

Welcome to the Jungle

If assimilation is as easy as poking fun at yourself, then there may be hope after all.  I worry that these examples are small and isolated.  Not part of the mainstream Muslim thinking, but very entertaining nether the less.  Worldwide, I wonder how this example of Islamofunnyism will parse.

What’s for Dinner?

Hair Of The Dog

The Peoples Seat

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can be led around by the end of their noses.  Especially when those people that spend time examining this blog, its content material, and still want to add it to their social engineering networking experiment.  That’s what happened last year when I was approached by a Big Island blogger to join his collaboration of Big Island blogs.  At first, I was skeptical.  I began to read some of the Blogger’s postings at this social engineering experiment site.  I found the contributors to this Big Island Blogsite to be  innocuous, somewhat informative and interesting, opinionated and goofy.  I initially declined.  What value could I contribute to this social experiment?  I’m a conservative among a sea of  liberal blogger on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  A minority among liberal haole’s , but a majority among Free Thinking Locals.

Again, I was asked to join this social experiment in Big Island blogging.  Even though the owner of this Blog collaboration insisted on a profile that divulge who I was.  My real name.  For many reasons that I really do not want to go into, I refused.  My conditions were, anonymity.   Take it, or leave it.  I could care less.

The owner, then capitulated, and I agreed to have my blog added to his social experiment.  I was delighted!

I was KINI!

It ended horribly

In the middle of the night, my blog was removed, From the Big Island Blogs.  No notice, No post, Just deleted.


It didn’t happen right away, it happened after about 2 or 3 months of my most excellent postings.  Apparently, the twitter blogs and the other elitist liberal blogs couldn’t deal with a conservative point of view.  No one posted a rebuttal to any of my posts.  Not one.  I actually had a Thank YOU For Your Posts from another liberal blogger which I have respect for, but I do not necessarily agree with all the time.  That’s called democracy.  Not for me.

Yet, the owner of this Big Island Blogs, tells me I was offensive to others.  C’est la vie!

Some of your headlines were too offensive to have on my twitter stream and a few folks told me that the would no longer follow me on twitter because of the stuff that was getting thrown out under the FBI Blogs under an anonymous name.

Auwe and boo hoo, you let Freedom of Speech get in the way of expressing any opinions.  You are Pathetic.  But don’t let me be the only voice in the wind.  Let other former blogger’s of your social experiment express their opinions.

I really don’t know why you are kneading with my blog, getting my Google Analytics and shit? That actually creeps me out, dude? WTF? Why are you so concerned about my stats? I’m not on your FBI blogs, and I have no interest in cults and you being my leader. Why on earth are you taking the time to analyze my page views? Do I need to make a police report for cyberstalking?

I’m getting really sick of this bullshit, dude.

You probably think opinions are like assholes, everybody has one


A Wingnut is a Wingnut

The Peoples Dinner Seat


Game Change: Hypocrisy and Accusations

Game Change (Politics)

Even before Sarah Palin’s book was released, Going Rogue: An American Life, many people on both political spectrum’s speculated the book would be a hit-piece against her critics.  Accusations from former McCain campaign operatives were particularly defensive.

Even that poor excuse for a human, Levi Johnson, made accusations and promised to fling revengeful dirt.  With all the petty self-conscious guilty people coming out to slam Sarah Palin’s book, the more I wanted to read it.  And Read it I did.  After putting down the book and waiting for the hoards of critics chomping at the bit ready to crucify Sarah Palin.  Crickets, nothing but crickets.

As it turns out, the book is very well written and sets the record straight.  After reading the book I can relate with Sarah Palin’s values.  Her struggles within a political and media system that seeks to destroy anyone that doesn’t follow the lefts agenda to fundamentally change this country.  The political elitists class that claims to be in your best interests, yet makes blunders and tries to place the blame on anyone else to protect themselves.  No Honor, no integrity, no ownership.  No Win.

Now, on top of a hugely successful book tour and announcing a deal with FOX News, Sarah Palin ascendancy is truly meteoric.  With her “All American” values to steer her by, I have no doubt that we will see Sarah Palin again reloaded and heading for the 2012 elections.  The path will not be easy.  There will be those on the left throwing verbal and political bombs just like the 2009 Christmas Panty Bomber tried to do.  Those of us who want Sarah Palin to succeed, will be there to counter those people who want her to fail.  It’s time for all conservatives to unite against the tyranny of the left.  2010, is our time to stand up to the disastrous mistake of voting a socialist into the highest office in America.  Sarah Palin has done her work, it’s time we did ours.

Now to Hypocrisy and Accusations

Like Sarah Palin’s book, even before it was released, there were rumors and accusations.  The book, Game Change: Obama and the Clinton’s, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime, promises to be more of a kiss and tell, and the book is only now being released.  The fall out is already outstanding in its impact.

Listening to the media interviews with the books authors, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, on the political talk show programs reveals brazen media bias.  Let’s consider the Sunday evening News program “60 Minutes“.  Once a real investigating news program with solid reporting, now reduced to below a tabloid television program.

Not once did 60 Minutes mention anything about Harry Reid’s racial insensitive comments about Barak Obama.  Instead, 60 Minutes spent most of the time talking about Sarah Palin.  News Busters Scott Whitlock dissects the 60 Minutes story into a time-line spent on each candidate as reported by FOX News reporter Eric Shawn.  The total time 60 Minutes spent on this story was 13 minutes.  Out of those minutes, 10:04 was spent on Palin, 1:30 minutes on Clinton, 0:58 seconds on Obama, and 0:0 on Reid.  Some fair and balanced reporting here by 60 Minutes.  As Andy Rooney always says, “Yah Evah Wonder Why?”

When you look at the content of interviews on all the talking head programs, Palin is the least controversial.  You’ve got Monster Ego John Edward’s campaign infidelity, Hillary Clinton’s worrisome distraction about Billy’s “Tiger Woods 18 hole sex romp challenge”, because she can’t control him.

Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton reportedly created a war room within her campaign war room, with staffers poised to deal with “a serious extramarital affair” by the former president, according to the book.
When Clinton was offered the job of secretary of state, she reportedly balked, worried about her husband.
You know I can’t control him, and at some point he’ll be a problem,” Clinton reportedly told the president-elect.

Yet, 60 Minutes spends 10 minutes out of a 13 minute segment exclusively on Palin.  The people actually in office are ignored.  Palin didn’t win the election, and has no influence on the current administration.  Or does she?  Hmmm!

A source, meanwhile, explained that they (60 Minutes) only had so much time for the story, and they had to focus on more important things that affect the country.

David Horowitz and Democrat Pat Caddell Explain the Radical Take-over of the US.

Must View!!!

What’s for Dinner?


Waikoloa Sunset


Aloha Wau Ia Hula

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