National Public Radio

Waste Of Time

National Public Radio (NPR), a privately and publicly funded media organization that regularly begs for listener donations and government taxpayer money with their pledge drives.  A radio station that, on its own merit, would  have failed long ago if it wasn’t for tax payer dollars to keep it afloat.   NPR produces and distributes what it called news and cultural programming.  So why would NPR besmirch listeners with rubbish like this:

All Thing’s Considered?

I listen to Hawaiian Public Radio (HPR), an offshoot of NPR, they broadcast mostly classical music throughout the day, except during the Drive to Work Mornings and Drive to Home Evening broadcasts.  These are the news hours, when I listen in to NPR Broadcasts programs like “All Things Considered” and “Morning Edition“.  Being  a Newsy person, I often listen to NPR’s broadcasts up until they begin reciting stories like High School Essayists vying for acceptance into a Journalism class.  Poorly constructed and painful to listen to.

Non Productive Radio

Where I live in on the Island of Hawai’i, the Big Island, we have limited radio as compared to O’Ahu.  Plenty of music stations, although some that are caught in a 70’s time warp, Hawaiian music , country music and a mix of top 40 hits of some year.  The local News and Sports station in Hilo is KPUA, an excellent local news station.

I’d Rather See My Tax Dollars Go To A More Useful Program

What’s for Dinner?

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Tortellini’s with Creamy Alfredo Parmesan Sauce

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