War Against An Ideology


Obama said today, “We are at War with al Qaeda”.  This was the wrong thing to say.

Michael Medved talked about this on his show today, and I agree with his analysis:

It’s the war against an ideology, and not just al Qaeda.  By declaring a war against al Qaeda, by name, Obama glorifies al Qeada and gives these terrorist, al Qaeda,  prominence.  What about Hezbollah?  A terrorist group located in Lebanon.  What about Iran?  A country that sponsors and funds terrorist groups.  We’re not at war with Iran, except by proxy, and rightly so.  What about North Korea?  A country that continues to threaten the local neighboring countries and the United States.  What about Abu Sayyaf?  A murderous terrorist group in the south Philippines.

President Bush never said this was a war against al Qaeda.  Bush said it was a war against terrorism.  al Qaeda is not a country.  al Qeada is a group of Muslim thugs with an ideology to kill anyone that doesn’t believe in Islam.  Just like Hezbollah and other groups promoting a Philosophy of Hate, this is who we are at war with.

What’s for Dinner?



One Response to “War Against An Ideology”

  1. Grant Says:

    Hizballah is at war with Israel and the Jews. That makes them Ozero’s friend. B. Hussein Ozero doesn’t even care about al Qaeda; he’s just going through the motions. As he wrote in one of his books, he’ll always side with the Moslems against civilization.

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