Game Change: Hypocrisy and Accusations

Game Change (Politics)

Even before Sarah Palin’s book was released, Going Rogue: An American Life, many people on both political spectrum’s speculated the book would be a hit-piece against her critics.  Accusations from former McCain campaign operatives were particularly defensive.

Even that poor excuse for a human, Levi Johnson, made accusations and promised to fling revengeful dirt.  With all the petty self-conscious guilty people coming out to slam Sarah Palin’s book, the more I wanted to read it.  And Read it I did.  After putting down the book and waiting for the hoards of critics chomping at the bit ready to crucify Sarah Palin.  Crickets, nothing but crickets.

As it turns out, the book is very well written and sets the record straight.  After reading the book I can relate with Sarah Palin’s values.  Her struggles within a political and media system that seeks to destroy anyone that doesn’t follow the lefts agenda to fundamentally change this country.  The political elitists class that claims to be in your best interests, yet makes blunders and tries to place the blame on anyone else to protect themselves.  No Honor, no integrity, no ownership.  No Win.

Now, on top of a hugely successful book tour and announcing a deal with FOX News, Sarah Palin ascendancy is truly meteoric.  With her “All American” values to steer her by, I have no doubt that we will see Sarah Palin again reloaded and heading for the 2012 elections.  The path will not be easy.  There will be those on the left throwing verbal and political bombs just like the 2009 Christmas Panty Bomber tried to do.  Those of us who want Sarah Palin to succeed, will be there to counter those people who want her to fail.  It’s time for all conservatives to unite against the tyranny of the left.  2010, is our time to stand up to the disastrous mistake of voting a socialist into the highest office in America.  Sarah Palin has done her work, it’s time we did ours.

Now to Hypocrisy and Accusations

Like Sarah Palin’s book, even before it was released, there were rumors and accusations.  The book, Game Change: Obama and the Clinton’s, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime, promises to be more of a kiss and tell, and the book is only now being released.  The fall out is already outstanding in its impact.

Listening to the media interviews with the books authors, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, on the political talk show programs reveals brazen media bias.  Let’s consider the Sunday evening News program “60 Minutes“.  Once a real investigating news program with solid reporting, now reduced to below a tabloid television program.

Not once did 60 Minutes mention anything about Harry Reid’s racial insensitive comments about Barak Obama.  Instead, 60 Minutes spent most of the time talking about Sarah Palin.  News Busters Scott Whitlock dissects the 60 Minutes story into a time-line spent on each candidate as reported by FOX News reporter Eric Shawn.  The total time 60 Minutes spent on this story was 13 minutes.  Out of those minutes, 10:04 was spent on Palin, 1:30 minutes on Clinton, 0:58 seconds on Obama, and 0:0 on Reid.  Some fair and balanced reporting here by 60 Minutes.  As Andy Rooney always says, “Yah Evah Wonder Why?”

When you look at the content of interviews on all the talking head programs, Palin is the least controversial.  You’ve got Monster Ego John Edward’s campaign infidelity, Hillary Clinton’s worrisome distraction about Billy’s “Tiger Woods 18 hole sex romp challenge”, because she can’t control him.

Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton reportedly created a war room within her campaign war room, with staffers poised to deal with “a serious extramarital affair” by the former president, according to the book.
When Clinton was offered the job of secretary of state, she reportedly balked, worried about her husband.
You know I can’t control him, and at some point he’ll be a problem,” Clinton reportedly told the president-elect.

Yet, 60 Minutes spends 10 minutes out of a 13 minute segment exclusively on Palin.  The people actually in office are ignored.  Palin didn’t win the election, and has no influence on the current administration.  Or does she?  Hmmm!

A source, meanwhile, explained that they (60 Minutes) only had so much time for the story, and they had to focus on more important things that affect the country.

David Horowitz and Democrat Pat Caddell Explain the Radical Take-over of the US.

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