Social Stupidity

Social Change, Social Justice, and Social Engineering:  What the hell do these expressions mean anyway.  Change for what purpose?  Define what it is, that needs changing?  This country was doing pretty good until the Obama got into office.  Although, after the 2004 elections that brought more democrats into the Congress provided the conduit to economic tragedy in 2008.   Within a year after being elected to office, the Obama managed to increase the national debt from a half trillion to one and a half trillion.  A stimulus bill that increased unemployment.  Three deadly terrorist attacks against this country.  OK, two, but the Christmas bomber could have been deadly had the terrorist succeed.  Hows that for Hope and Change.

The Stock Market tanked yesterday 213.27 points today and continues to slide downward after the Obama said, “If these folks want a fight, it’s a fight I’m ready to have.” Referring to Wall Street Bankers as the Fat Cats, the Obama continues to demonize Wall Street as the source of America’s economic woes.  So, the all-merciful and all mighty Obama wants to further destroy the economy even more by threatening to limit what banks do best, make profits.  Profits is what drives business.  You restrict profits, you kill business.  Obama continues to blame Bush for his poor economic policies.  Granted that Bush did throw out his free market values at the end of his term in office, but Obama snowballed that bad policy into greater economic disaster.  Now, employers are hesitant to hire because know one knows what the Obama will do to further hurt the economy.  Unemployment is already in double digits and there is no end in sight.  Obama has no plans, no policy, to improve the economy.  Today, Obama’s in Ohio railing against the banks shouting, “We Want Our Money Back!!” Obama’s lack of understand on how business works will continue to drag the economy down.  Hows that for Economic Change?

Funny how the Obama hasn’t gone after the Automobile Industry to return our tax payers monies.  Wonder why?  Could  it be because they are run by Unions and Banks are not.  What about the money, our tax monies, given to the Automobile Industry?  When will we, the tax payers, get our money back Obama?  When?  As Obama speaks to the Ohio audience, talking about himself, it’s all about I did this, and I did that.  What Obama doesn’t acknowledge is how the Community Reinvestment Act contributed to the economic problem. Obama continues to turn a blind eye to the problems of Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae and other lending institutions forced to relax lending standards and causing the mortgage meltdown.  The largest contribution to the economic problems today.  By allowing housing industry to make loans to people who could not afford them.  People lost their homes and lost their retirement investments.  Hows that for Social Justice?

Obama ignores a history of islamic terrorism.  Obama wants to follow the European example of multiculturalism by allowing people of extreme hatred for this country be tried for crimes of terrorism, as common criminals.  Obama uses class warfare in an attempt to prop up his sagging poll numbers.  Obama tell us not to jump to conclusions after a Muslim soldier kills 13 people at Fort Hood.  Obama is indifferent after the Christmas bomber almost kills hundreds of people.  Political Correctness is putting this country in danger.  Hows that for Social Engineering.

Great news clip on islamisation of Europe. If these statistics don’t wake you up, I don’t know what will. Radical Islam is a grave threat to Europe, there is no denying this. Europe as we know it will be taken by Muslims within the next 100 years. It’s time we stop being politically correct with Islam and confront it for what it is.

Well Done Mr. Obama, Well Done!

Epilogue:  A good leader delivers a positive message, not a message of negative class warfare.  A good leader doesn’t give speeches talking about himself.  A good leader doesn’t threaten industries with job killing government regulation.  A good leader doesn’t make promises he never keeps.  A good leader doesn’t blame others for his own mistakes.  A good leader doesn’t use the past to cover his lack of leadership.  A good leader doesn’t comment on local police issues without knowing what the details are.  A good leader doesn’t keep repeating “This is Not about Me”, and then go on to talk about himself.  A good leader doesn’t talk about creating jobs without a plan to articulate how he will accomplish it.  A good leader doesn’t bribe others to pass bad legislation that will hurt the American tax payer.  And Finally, a good leader doesn’t cause the Stock Market to drop 400 points in two days after opening his big mouth.

What’s for Dinner?

Head Cheese

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