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It never ceases to amaze me how some people can be led around by the end of their noses.  Especially when those people that spend time examining this blog, its content material, and still want to add it to their social engineering networking experiment.  That’s what happened last year when I was approached by a Big Island blogger to join his collaboration of Big Island blogs.  At first, I was skeptical.  I began to read some of the Blogger’s postings at this social engineering experiment site.  I found the contributors to this Big Island Blogsite to be  innocuous, somewhat informative and interesting, opinionated and goofy.  I initially declined.  What value could I contribute to this social experiment?  I’m a conservative among a sea of  liberal blogger on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  A minority among liberal haole’s , but a majority among Free Thinking Locals.

Again, I was asked to join this social experiment in Big Island blogging.  Even though the owner of this Blog collaboration insisted on a profile that divulge who I was.  My real name.  For many reasons that I really do not want to go into, I refused.  My conditions were, anonymity.   Take it, or leave it.  I could care less.

The owner, then capitulated, and I agreed to have my blog added to his social experiment.  I was delighted!

I was KINI!

It ended horribly

In the middle of the night, my blog was removed, From the Big Island Blogs.  No notice, No post, Just deleted.


It didn’t happen right away, it happened after about 2 or 3 months of my most excellent postings.  Apparently, the twitter blogs and the other elitist liberal blogs couldn’t deal with a conservative point of view.  No one posted a rebuttal to any of my posts.  Not one.  I actually had a Thank YOU For Your Posts from another liberal blogger which I have respect for, but I do not necessarily agree with all the time.  That’s called democracy.  Not for me.

Yet, the owner of this Big Island Blogs, tells me I was offensive to others.  C’est la vie!

Some of your headlines were too offensive to have on my twitter stream and a few folks told me that the would no longer follow me on twitter because of the stuff that was getting thrown out under the FBI Blogs under an anonymous name.

Auwe and boo hoo, you let Freedom of Speech get in the way of expressing any opinions.  You are Pathetic.  But don’t let me be the only voice in the wind.  Let other former blogger’s of your social experiment express their opinions.

I really don’t know why you are kneading with my blog, getting my Google Analytics and shit? That actually creeps me out, dude? WTF? Why are you so concerned about my stats? I’m not on your FBI blogs, and I have no interest in cults and you being my leader. Why on earth are you taking the time to analyze my page views? Do I need to make a police report for cyberstalking?

I’m getting really sick of this bullshit, dude.

You probably think opinions are like assholes, everybody has one


A Wingnut is a Wingnut

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Game Change: Hypocrisy and Accusations

Game Change (Politics)

Even before Sarah Palin’s book was released, Going Rogue: An American Life, many people on both political spectrum’s speculated the book would be a hit-piece against her critics.  Accusations from former McCain campaign operatives were particularly defensive.

Even that poor excuse for a human, Levi Johnson, made accusations and promised to fling revengeful dirt.  With all the petty self-conscious guilty people coming out to slam Sarah Palin’s book, the more I wanted to read it.  And Read it I did.  After putting down the book and waiting for the hoards of critics chomping at the bit ready to crucify Sarah Palin.  Crickets, nothing but crickets.

As it turns out, the book is very well written and sets the record straight.  After reading the book I can relate with Sarah Palin’s values.  Her struggles within a political and media system that seeks to destroy anyone that doesn’t follow the lefts agenda to fundamentally change this country.  The political elitists class that claims to be in your best interests, yet makes blunders and tries to place the blame on anyone else to protect themselves.  No Honor, no integrity, no ownership.  No Win.

Now, on top of a hugely successful book tour and announcing a deal with FOX News, Sarah Palin ascendancy is truly meteoric.  With her “All American” values to steer her by, I have no doubt that we will see Sarah Palin again reloaded and heading for the 2012 elections.  The path will not be easy.  There will be those on the left throwing verbal and political bombs just like the 2009 Christmas Panty Bomber tried to do.  Those of us who want Sarah Palin to succeed, will be there to counter those people who want her to fail.  It’s time for all conservatives to unite against the tyranny of the left.  2010, is our time to stand up to the disastrous mistake of voting a socialist into the highest office in America.  Sarah Palin has done her work, it’s time we did ours.

Now to Hypocrisy and Accusations

Like Sarah Palin’s book, even before it was released, there were rumors and accusations.  The book, Game Change: Obama and the Clinton’s, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime, promises to be more of a kiss and tell, and the book is only now being released.  The fall out is already outstanding in its impact.

Listening to the media interviews with the books authors, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, on the political talk show programs reveals brazen media bias.  Let’s consider the Sunday evening News program “60 Minutes“.  Once a real investigating news program with solid reporting, now reduced to below a tabloid television program.

Not once did 60 Minutes mention anything about Harry Reid’s racial insensitive comments about Barak Obama.  Instead, 60 Minutes spent most of the time talking about Sarah Palin.  News Busters Scott Whitlock dissects the 60 Minutes story into a time-line spent on each candidate as reported by FOX News reporter Eric Shawn.  The total time 60 Minutes spent on this story was 13 minutes.  Out of those minutes, 10:04 was spent on Palin, 1:30 minutes on Clinton, 0:58 seconds on Obama, and 0:0 on Reid.  Some fair and balanced reporting here by 60 Minutes.  As Andy Rooney always says, “Yah Evah Wonder Why?”

When you look at the content of interviews on all the talking head programs, Palin is the least controversial.  You’ve got Monster Ego John Edward’s campaign infidelity, Hillary Clinton’s worrisome distraction about Billy’s “Tiger Woods 18 hole sex romp challenge”, because she can’t control him.

Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton reportedly created a war room within her campaign war room, with staffers poised to deal with “a serious extramarital affair” by the former president, according to the book.
When Clinton was offered the job of secretary of state, she reportedly balked, worried about her husband.
You know I can’t control him, and at some point he’ll be a problem,” Clinton reportedly told the president-elect.

Yet, 60 Minutes spends 10 minutes out of a 13 minute segment exclusively on Palin.  The people actually in office are ignored.  Palin didn’t win the election, and has no influence on the current administration.  Or does she?  Hmmm!

A source, meanwhile, explained that they (60 Minutes) only had so much time for the story, and they had to focus on more important things that affect the country.

David Horowitz and Democrat Pat Caddell Explain the Radical Take-over of the US.

Must View!!!

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Waikoloa Sunset


Aloha Wau Ia Hula

Handouts: It’s Your Right America

Take a lesson from the past Democrats

As if a lesson from Reaganism appeared long before Ronaldus Magnus became one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever known, then John Kennedy was on to something.  So why are today’s democrats using a spending model as a way to stimulate the economy?  It doesn’t make sense.

Obama Defies Logic and Economic Sense

Plus Picking Nose and Picking Pockets

So, let me get this right.  Obama says spending more tax dollars, our money, is good for the economy?  To me a stimulus is more money in my pocket, not more money taken out of my pocket.  The arrogance and hubris this Obama spews is complete nonsense.

Real economic stimulus is not government spending, it’s people spending money, and People cannot spend money if the government is taking our money away from us.  Business cannot create jobs because no one knows how the health care bill will effect business spending.  No Jobs, No Spending, No Recovery.

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you will not have to listen to his incessant whining about how hungry he is.”

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you can sell him fishing equipment.”

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to use the Net and he won’t bother you for weeks.”

“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  Unless he doesn’t like sushi—then you also have to teach him to cook.”

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish, and he will sit in the boat and drink beer all day.”

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.  Teach a man to sell fish and he eats steak.”

(H/T amatecon)

What’s For Dinner?

Red Snapper

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.

Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”

War Against An Ideology


Obama said today, “We are at War with al Qaeda”.  This was the wrong thing to say.

Michael Medved talked about this on his show today, and I agree with his analysis:

It’s the war against an ideology, and not just al Qaeda.  By declaring a war against al Qaeda, by name, Obama glorifies al Qeada and gives these terrorist, al Qaeda,  prominence.  What about Hezbollah?  A terrorist group located in Lebanon.  What about Iran?  A country that sponsors and funds terrorist groups.  We’re not at war with Iran, except by proxy, and rightly so.  What about North Korea?  A country that continues to threaten the local neighboring countries and the United States.  What about Abu Sayyaf?  A murderous terrorist group in the south Philippines.

President Bush never said this was a war against al Qaeda.  Bush said it was a war against terrorism.  al Qaeda is not a country.  al Qeada is a group of Muslim thugs with an ideology to kill anyone that doesn’t believe in Islam.  Just like Hezbollah and other groups promoting a Philosophy of Hate, this is who we are at war with.

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Hope And Change And Lies

Remember when Obama campaigned for transparency, openness, and promised to put the Health Care debate on CSPAN?  It has never happened.  To date, Obama has met behind closed doors with other democrat congress members.  Where’s the transparency?

Obama and the democrats, are ignoring the American people.  They have openly lied.  Everything has been done in secrecy.  Special deals for votes.  Taxpayer monies promised in the millions to special interests, to democrat senators willing to prostitute themselves for taxpayer dollars.  Just take a listen to this video of a gaggle of democrat senators trying and convince us that this has been the most open process ever.  If you don’t want to watch the entire clip, just forward to 7:40 for the money quote.   Also look for the other money quote  from Nancy, “There were a number of things said during the campaign“, a reference to broken promises.

Most Open, EVAH!

For employers, they don’t call it a tax, it’s called a fee for health care.  Remember when Obama said wouldn’t cost the taxpayers one thin dime?  Well, Obama was right, it won’t cost the taxpayers a thin dime, instead it will cost the taxpayers a stack of thousand dollar bills.  Besides Jobs.  That three-letter word that Joe Biden gave us, JOBS:

America Rising:

An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians



The Drew Blog brings the whole Public Option into an easy to understand concept

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A night out at the Ponds Restaurant for some Fish and Chips

National Public Radio

Waste Of Time

National Public Radio (NPR), a privately and publicly funded media organization that regularly begs for listener donations and government taxpayer money with their pledge drives.  A radio station that, on its own merit, would  have failed long ago if it wasn’t for tax payer dollars to keep it afloat.   NPR produces and distributes what it called news and cultural programming.  So why would NPR besmirch listeners with rubbish like this:

All Thing’s Considered?

I listen to Hawaiian Public Radio (HPR), an offshoot of NPR, they broadcast mostly classical music throughout the day, except during the Drive to Work Mornings and Drive to Home Evening broadcasts.  These are the news hours, when I listen in to NPR Broadcasts programs like “All Things Considered” and “Morning Edition“.  Being  a Newsy person, I often listen to NPR’s broadcasts up until they begin reciting stories like High School Essayists vying for acceptance into a Journalism class.  Poorly constructed and painful to listen to.

Non Productive Radio

Where I live in on the Island of Hawai’i, the Big Island, we have limited radio as compared to O’Ahu.  Plenty of music stations, although some that are caught in a 70’s time warp, Hawaiian music , country music and a mix of top 40 hits of some year.  The local News and Sports station in Hilo is KPUA, an excellent local news station.

I’d Rather See My Tax Dollars Go To A More Useful Program

What’s for Dinner?

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Tortellini’s with Creamy Alfredo Parmesan Sauce

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