Dumbing Down DOE

Save our Schools

Here in Hawai’i, we have a huge problem with the public education system.  Because of the State’s Budget problems, a shortfall of money has effected the schooldays length.  Caused by Hawai’i’s Democrat Legislature, and Governor Lingle’s contract handling with the Teachers Union, we now have Furlough Fridays, but guess who gets shorted?

The Children.  The Hawai’i Teachers Union and the Democrat controlled legislator have decided that the children of Hawai’i do not deserve a quality education.  The repercussions of this blunder will effect Hawai’i’s future.

The Teachers Unions is not based on merit, and the unions have been abusing the system.  They are too powerful and are collapsing the system from within.  Hawai’i’s children will suffer because the union pension plan payouts are larger than the system pays in.  Unions have become self-interest entities and do not work for the greater good.

Why are Unions even necessary in government?  Where is the need for unions in government?  Why is government at the mercy of  Unions (votes)?  Why are Unions regulating government?  Why are my tax dollars going to Unions?

If children cannot get a decent education, then they will grow into a society of government dependency.  I suppose that’s the plan of democrats, to create a class of government entitlement dependents (GED) that will continue to feed at the trough of government waste.  It is unsustainable and incestuous.  It will only lead to a deformed genetic society condemned to a life of dependency, to a government entity like that of the Matrix.

Cradle to Grave

But what of government programs that do work?

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program was slated to end next year because of a provision slipped into Congress’ $410 billion omnibus spending bill by Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., whose children attend private school. But the program was funded with $12 million in the upcoming school year to keep the vouchers running until the 1,700 children currently in the pilot program complete their studies. The program would not be extended beyond that, according to the White House.

A school voucher program that was successful in educating children in the Washington D.C. area was cut.  Why?  Because the teachers union is not controlling the voucher program.  This was a union payback by the Obama administration.  It will force children back into the Public Education system that has continued to fail miserably to educate children.

Hey Unions, ever wonder why your child isn’t learning anything in public schools?  People are pulling their kids out of failing public schools and putting them in non-Union private schools just to get a proper education.  An education that will provide the means and skill-sets to compete in the world today.  Obama, took that away from the low-income D.C families.  Yet, democratic senators like Dick Durbin can send their kids to private schools, like Obama’s kids, because they know how poorly the public education system is run.  They can afford to send their kids to private schools, but low-income families wanting a better education for their kids are denied the same opportunity.  All because of the tentacles of a bloated public education system run by corrupt union officials that use their votes to line their pockets with taxpayer monies.

Protests in support of education came quickly as legislatures failed to address the problem brought on by the Teachers Union.

Gov. Linda Lingle told reporters she regrets signing off on the contract that requires teachers to take 17 furlough days this school year.

Lingle said she assumed the Department of Education, state Board of Education and HSTA would draft a contract that had the best interest of students in mind.

That was Governor Lingle’s greatest mistake.  To assume that the Unions would act in the best interest of the children.  The Unions have no interest in the education of their children.  If they did, this would not be an issue today.  But it’s a dual edge sword.  Those Union members that have children in the school system, are having to take time off or make arrangement to care for their kids on Furlough Fridays.  But this is hardly all the Governor’s fault.  The Democrat legislature, which voted its self a 36 percent pay raise, sat on their hands and refused to challenge the unions.  Why?  Because of Union Votes.

Want to know a really good reason why a good education is needed?  Just take a look at Government General Motors (GM) for example.  Remember that Obama bailed out the massive car company.  Why?  Because the Unions asked Obama to bail them out.  “We cannot allow GM to fail“, said Obama.  But what Obama was really saying was, we cannot allow the Unions to fail.  Votes for a Bailout only perpetuates the problem and doesn’t allow the Free-Market system to correct the problems GM has.

Now, a smartly educated person would see the problem as being an issue with labor contracts, pensions and health care costs given to the unions.  It drives up the cost of the end product, the cars, and drives down the quality of the product.  Sure, Toyota is getting some heat over their breaking system problems, but that’s deflecting away from the larger issue.  Toyota is non-Union.  Toyota’s quality record is unmatched when compared to GM.  That is the value of a good education; to sort out the BS and see the truth.  Meanwhile, GM is not moving into profitability and will soon be asking for another Tax-Payer Bailout.

Another point, why is the GM Chief getting a multi-million dollar pay raise?  Isn’t that OUR money?

General Motors Co. Chief Executive Ed Whitacre will receive a pay package valued at $9 million to help turn around the government-owned auto maker, according to a regulatory filing.

A person with a quality education would be asking, “Why are my TAX dollars that were used to bailout this company, are given to the head-honcho, of GM, a million dollar plus raise?”  Yet, why is Obama running around pointing fingers at so called “Fat Cat” bankers giving out million dollar bonuses that are not tied to any government bailout?   A person with a reasonable education would be asking these questions of their elected officials.  But that’s the point, keep the electorate poorly educated and what you have amounts to an “ignorance is bliss” electorate.

A good education is an ongoing process.  It allows the electorate to see the difference between a chipmunk and a make believe news reporter that spews hate-bred news.  The fake outrage fabricated by Keith Obermann and his bias news laced with hypocritical opinions is easily seen through as pure crap.  Just look at MSNBC’s ratings.

A good education also sees the stupidity of elected officials.  Although, those that voted for Obama and continue to vote for idiots in congress continues to baffle me.  Perhaps the result of too much “Ganja-nomics”.

Consider this Picture of the Day.

Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama walks out the doors of the Palm Room of the White House by trash bags waiting to be picked up due to delays from the snow storms of last week in Washington, DC, February 18, 2010 after meeting with US President Barack Obama.

Is this anyway to treat a revered Religious leader?  Sending the man out the back door and saying “don’t slip on the trash”.   I’ll bet the Hate-Filled Rev. Wright gets a better front door treatment that the Dalai Lama got.  An educated person knows this is wrong.

The product of a good education opens doors to many opportunities.  People become inventors, business owners, and even Doctors.  I have to point this out because it’s relevant to the larger issues today that involve health-care and education.  Several years ago, I broke my ankle.  I was treated by an excellent Orthopedic Doctor here in Hilo.  This highly educated individual did an excellent job getting me back on my feet.  The good Doctor recently wrote a brilliant letter to the editor regarding the fallacy of the Obama health-care plan.

Try this experiment: go to eHealthinsurance.com, to get a quote for a single male 29
years old, and type in a zip code for Pennsylvania. 87 different plan options pop up, with
all kinds of deductibles, options, prices. Do it again for Hawaii, and only 4 appear. That
guy in Hawaii is forbidden by law from shopping in Pennsylvania, or anywhere else.
So if heʼs self-employed, he may not be able to afford any heath insurance. If he were
poor, he would qualify for the state Quest or Medicaid plans, and if he were employed,
his job would pay for it, but if he is self employed and just getting by, or only has a parttime
job or jobs, then he is screwed. This is the real picture of the uninsured in Hawaii.
So what have we got:
We have a tax structure that makes many think health care is free,
a tax structure that means many subsidize health care for others but get no benefit
we have insurance that is not really insurance but rather a medical maintenance plan,
a payment structure that does not allow patients to control their own expenses,
government promises to provide care that are greater than their revenues available,
government payments that due not cover the cost of care,
we have almost no competition in health insurance as government restricts us from
shopping around to get the health insurance product best tailored to our needs and
and as a result we have health care that is too expensive and getting scarcer.
This is NOT a free market system, this is government distorting the system, and making
it more expensive in the process. Costs go up, fewer can afford coverage, less
flexibility exists, and providers get squeezed and are paid less and less. And then the
political clamor to do something, anything, is answered by those in power now, which
will make things much much worse.
This is why docs are leaving the Big Island, leaving Hawaii. This is why health insurance
costs keep going up, folks canʼt afford health care, the hospitals are going broke, and
the docs are leaving. They go to other states where they can make more money and not
work so hard. But these venues will also become limited with Obamacare in practice,
and then there will be fewer docs everywhere.
So what to do?

I would encourage everyone to read the Doctor’s entire article as it really explains the issue doctors have in Hawai’i.  Call it, continuing Education for the electorate.  As for Health-care, the buzz word being thrown around today is childhood-obesity, but what about children that don’t have enough to eat.  You don’t hear much about them.

What’s for Dinner?

Pan Seared Snapper with Fresh Picked Garden Salad

Brain Food


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