The Chock Full Of Nuts Party

Via AllahPundit @ HotAir

In an effort to compete with the Tea Party movement, a liberal copy cat group calling themselves the Coffee Party.  A vain attempt to parity themselves like that of the Tea Party, this group claims to be a grassroots organization that wants to defend the democratic collective process and to hold accountable those who obstruct  the process.

An original thought?  I doubt it.  After denigrating the Tea Party with derogatory remarks and sexual innuendos, liberals are coming to grips that the Tea Party has Real Power.  The answer is to copy cat the Tea Party with Coffee?

Act of Desperation

Credit to the name, “Chock Full Of Nuts Party” comes from poster “katy” at Hot Air.  Proving that original thoughts start with conservative minds.  Meanwhile, have a good chuckle with the obtuse originality of a Morning Joe.

What’s for Lunch?

Oriental Salad


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