Last night an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile which caused a Tsunami wave.  It is due to hit Hawai’i about 11:00 AM HST.  I’m going to be blogging about this all day long, and I’ll try and get more stories and pictures up as soon as possible.

We know at least 150 people in Chile are reported dead due to the earthquake.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Chile.

The eastern side of the Big Island of Hawai’i near the Kalapana shoreline area is at risk.  A Tsunami warning has been issued.  We’re holding our breath.

It’s eerily quiet outside.   Usually we can hear the traffic passing by on Rt. 130.  Nothing.

11:39 AM, Hilo Bay waters are receding now, it’s also seems like the water is moving out quicker as minutes pass.  It’s low tide now, but there’s more rock and coral being exposed.  It has begun.

12:01 PM HST – link to live video feed Waves moving in and out of Hilo Bay.

12:30 PM HST – A better live video link

12:35 PM HST – Local news channel is reporting the worst of the Tsunami is past us and the situation will be continued to be monitored for the next hour.  At that time, they may consider canceling the Tsunami alert.

12:47 PM HST –  Another streaming video link This link has shown Hilo Bay looking at Coconut island and in and around Honolulu on O’Ahu.

1:15 PM HST  – Measurments:

Hilo 2.8 ft 20 minutes

Barbers Pt. 0.6 76 minutes

Kahului 3.2 ft 22 minutes

Pago Pago 2.2 ft in 12 minutes

Surges continue around the islands, but the worst seems to be over.

1:55 PM HST – The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has CANCELED the Tsunami warning for the Hawaiian Islands.  Although there are ocean water surges that continue to cause dangerous conditions in the water.  People are advised to stay out of the water.  Although that warning hasn’t kept people out of the water.

No damage has been reported on any of the islands.  Hilo airport has reopened.  We appear to have dodged a bullet.  However, aftershocks are still present in Chile which could/will continue to make the waters unsafe for the next few hours.  Meanwhile, surf’s up.

3:22 PM HST – Well, what was an interesting day in Paradise.

Finally, What’s for Dinner?

Hawaiian Poke, Limu Kohu Oma’oma’o (seasoned green seaweed) and a little bubbly to Celebrate


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  1. Grant Says:

    In other news, the Kaka Bill has passed the House.

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