We Can Wish Away Al Gore

Al Gore finally reappeared after hiding in his house that carbon credits built, to write an op-ed for the New York Times.  Al Gore opined in the Times about how misunderstood Global Warming is, and those that do not believe in his fraudulent scheme are, sadly stupid.

It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.

Prove It!  I’ve always asked Al Gore to prove it.  Of course, Al Gore cannot ever prove it because there are no facts to backup his statement.  What calamity?  What data do you have that will prove warming will cause world calamity.  Where in history, science or any other means to prove your assertion that human civilization is at risk.  Just because you say it’s so?  How about some science to backup your claim.

We would no longer have to worry that our grandchildren would one day look back on us as a criminal generation that had selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands.

Oh, so now, we’re criminals?  You use an imaginary product you call a “Carbon Credit“, and you attempt to sell it as a commodity.  You are selling, for the purposes of defrauding industry, businesses and people, something that has no value, doesn’t exist, but to line your pockets with other people’s money.  That is criminal intent.  This is called “Grifting” – as defined as a group of methods for obtaining money falsely through the use of swindles, frauds, dishonest gambling.  This is your crime Al Gore, and I hope you are eventually prosecuted and jailed for your Crimes Against Humanity.

But unfortunately, the reality of the danger we are courting has not been changed by the discovery of at least two mistakes in the thousands of pages of careful scientific work over the last 22 years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

There were more than just two mistakes.  The data has been fabricated.  The data has been deliberately falsified.  Hundreds of emails that proved the existence of a conspiracy to deliberately cook the data.  Exaggerated computer models that produce simulations that defy the laws of nature.  Monitoring stations placed close to artificial heat sources, like air conditioners exhaust, producing erroneous data collection.  What you fail to disclose, Al, is that Phil Jones has publicly stated there hasn’t been any warming since 1995.

But the scientific enterprise will never be completely free of mistakes. What is important is that the overwhelming consensus on global warming remains unchanged.

There is no consensus in science.  You don’t vote for a scientific conclusion.  That’s not science.  Peer review data has never been reviewed.  Dissenting scientific views have been admonished and ignored by the IPCC because it doesn’t follow the narrative of Global Warming.  Phil Jones has said the data was deliberately withheld, as Standard Practice.

The heavy snowfalls this month have been used as fodder for ridicule by those who argue that global warming is a myth, yet scientists have long pointed out that warmer global temperatures have been increasing the rate of evaporation from the oceans, putting significantly more moisture into the atmosphere — thus causing heavier downfalls of both rain and snow in particular regions, including the Northeastern United States.

That statement is completely absurd and false.  You claimed that warming will cause the Ice Caps to melt  and the oceans to rise.  You said seal levels would rise and will cause massive flooding due to the earth’s warming.  Just the opposite has happened.  You said snow will cease to fall in in the Northeast.  You have been preaching about run-away greenhouse effects for years.  We have been countering that assertion because there hasn’t been a sufficient amount of water vapor in the atmosphere to cause a greenhouse effect.  Now, you  are saying the oceans are evaporating?  Rubbish.

Almost all of the ice-covered regions of the Earth are melting — and seas are rising.

You just stated in the previous paragraph that the oceans are evaporating.  Which is it Al?  The largest snowfalls in the northern hemisphere in over 30 years.  The substantial ice build-up in the Arctic that you choose to ignore, is a fact.  Also factual, Ice melts in the hemispheres during their summers and builds up during their winters.  Basic Science 101.

Hurricanes are predicted to grow stronger and more destructive, though their number is expected to decrease. Droughts are getting longer and deeper in many mid-continent regions, even as the severity of flooding increases. The seasonal predictability of rainfall and temperatures is being disrupted, posing serious threats to agriculture. The rate of species extinction is accelerating to dangerous levels.

For the last two years, hurricanes have decrease in number and destructive intensity.  Droughts and flooding, all in the same sentence.   Al, do you listen to the words coming out of your mouth?  Do you know how contradictory you sound?  Predictability of rainfall and temperatures are not the cause of Man-Made Global Warming.  Which doesn’t exist in any shape or form.  The Pacific Decadal Oscillation is a proven and natural effect of weather, and you summarily dismiss it.  That’s Real Science.  The effect of Sun Spots, and the Sun’s contribution to climate, is also dismissed by you.  It’s all Man-Made.  End of Discussion!  RUBBISH!

The rate of species extinction is accelerating to dangerous levels.

The rate of new species being discovered, is astonishing.  In Antarctica.  In Papua New Guinea.  24 new species found in Suriname, Paramaribo.  In the Colombian Forests.  In the Ocean, that’s evaporating and being destroyed.   Yeah Al, all that extinction is really causing a global catastrophe.  Where’s your evidence of species extinction, Al.

Your science is fraudulent, and your leadership is vacuous.  You are a criminal, a charlatan.  You are a Snake Oil Salesman.  You may have already caused your disciples to commit murder in the name of your cause, Global Warming.

Your Head is Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine Al

Video Hat Tip: House of Eratosthenes

We can wish you away Al Gore

What’s for Dinner?

Carbon Credits


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