A Day In Honolulu

Welina Mai, Greetings!  Fate has us traveling to the island of O’ahu, the Gathering Place, for medical reasons.  More on what those reasons are in my next post, but it ties directly into what’s happening with the whole health care debate going on in Congress tonight.

There’s a reason why O’ahu is called the Gathering Place.  Early Hawaiian’s realized the significance of O’ahu’s location in the Hawaiian islands archipelago .  In particular, on the Island of O’ahu, is the city of Honolulu, located on the southern leeward side of the island, it’s name in Hawaiian literally means “Sheltered Bay“.

Diamond Head

A recognized natural monument like noting else in the world.  Diamond Head beckons visitors to come play on its beaches.  Relax under the palms.  Enjoy the warm tranquil breezes.  It’s therapeutic and healing for both the body and soul.  Here, you can learn to surf the waves, or surf the multitude of shops.  Explore the land above, or the waters below.  There is no end to the activities you can choose from to do.  Or you can just park yourself along the water’s edge and do nothing but relax.

Duke Kahanamoku

Adorned with Leis, the statue of Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku welcomes everyone to Waikiki.  Credited with popularizing the modern sport of surfing and a multi-Olympic Gold Medal winner in swimming, Duke was exemplary example of the Hawaiian spirit.

Waikiki Kahakai

Spouting Water Beach is what the name means for this special place in Hawai’i.  Like its name, it is unique,  like that of the facets of a diamond.  A jewel in the Pacific, and like the other islands that make up the Hawaiian Archipelago,  Waikiki is a single flower that makes up the Lei that is Hawai’i.

Kū’ai Hele

World Class Shopping.  You’ll find it all here.  Everything from the simple, to the extravagant. The expensive, to the cheap.  If you like shopping, then this is place for you to be.

So, we came here to Honolulu on health care business, and I will go into more details on why we needed to come to Honolulu for medical care in my next post.  I promise it will be well worth the read.

But now, I want to share a favorite topic of mine, the “What’s For Dinner” theme I use to sign off my posts.  To discover a unique experience in Waikiki, it is not only just the beach activities, the sun and fun, but it’s also the food.  There are so many varieties of cuisine to choose from here in Hawai’i.  There are so many different cultures that make up the Hawaiian populace.   The people here have infused their culinary cultures into the unique cuisine that makes Hawai’i what it is.  It’s a blending of cultures, and of food, that has been a natural evolution for Hawai’i.   A worldly encounter that culminates into a unique dining experience for any individual’s senses to enjoy and savor.  One such dining experience can be found in the heart of Waikiki that not only satisfies the appetite, but also fills the eyes with spectacular sights to see.

Top Of Waikiki

With so many restaurants to choose from in Waikiki, we wanted one that would be not only unique in quality of food and service, but in ambiance.   We chose the Top of Waikiki.  An upscale restaurant located atop of Waikiki’s business center.  This restaurant offers a rotating 360 degree panoramic view of Waikiki as well as a wonderful dining experience.  In circular settings where the guests experience epicurean delights, while observing the stunning vistas of Waikiki.

Spicy Ahi Poke Stack

The appetizer consisted of what the menu calls, a sambal and shoyu, crispy won ton skins, avocado creme, papaya slaw, kiwi lime vinaigrette, micro greens stack.  While visually enticing, it was hardly spicy.  Using a sambal infers some kind of heat for spicy flavor, but there was none to be found in this dish.  Although the Tuna was finely chopped, it was fresh and firm.  The flavors were nicely infused making the appetizer, overall, a nice treat.

Cajun Mahimahi

Mahimahi fish with Cajun seasonings over risotto, baby carrots and a balsamic reduction sauce.  The Fish was seasoned perfectly and the risotto was cheesy and fluffy.  Perfectly matched with the balsamic reduction.  However, the baby carrots were not sweet at all.  They were obviously old and had lost their flavor long ago.  However, overall the dish was good.

Hawaiian Snapper Sous-Vide with Szechuan Seafood Udon

Snapper topped with fresh ginger, cilantro & scallions, seared with hot sesame oil, seared Day Boat scallops, spicy crab udon, lup cheong, white Shimeji mushroom & Tokyo Negi in a bonito consomme.  A complex, if not intriguing, series of ingredients that made up this dish.  The fish and scallops were cooked to perfection and the bonito broth was an exceptional pairing.  However, I could not find any Chinese sausage or lup cheong in the dish.  Neither could I find any Tokyo Negi, but maybe they substituted it with the baby bok choy I did find in the dish.  Either way, it didn’t diminish the quality of the food nor the presentation.

Mango Butter Dinner Roll

Very clever and tasty.  A sweet, but not too sweet, a buttery flavored dinner roll that could almost pass as a dessert.   It complemented all of the dishes very well, and did nicely on its own.

Mango Creme Brulee

Without a doubt, an ingenious twist on eggs, cream and brown sugar.  A perfect ending to a marvelous evening.  Overall, 4 and one half stars, out of five.  Well worth the price.

So now, as congress has voted to take over 1/6 of our economy, the taste of a last meal may be all we have left.  Decisions that I will make in the future to have a delicious meal, like this one tonight, will eventually be taken away.  It will not be permissible by the standards congress will impose on the American people.  Controlling what you eat will be part of the health care law.  What you will be able eat will be regulated by the food police.  For health and global warming reasons.  Foods that cause flatulence, will be restricted.

As with other social programs, Social Security and Medicare, programs that are currently bankrupt, and are destroying our nation’s economy.  And yet, the Congress is going to saddle the American people with more taxes, less choices, less opportunity, and less freedoms.  All in the name of health care.  Economic security will be lost.  Doctors will leave their practices.  Some government pencil-neck bureaucrat in Washington D.C. will decide your eligibility for health care.

Our Nation is in Decline.  One last meal before opportunities, like tonight’s dinner, will be lost forever as affordable, and available.  The interest will be waning because of a Congress that thinks it knows better than you do.  Individualism will be lost.  Collectivism will drown the voice of the people.  A last meal indeed.


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  1. Grant Says:

    Aloha, long time no hear. How’s it going?

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