Racism, as defined by racists

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AND It Keeps Getting Better


Defining racism.  When listening to the lame-stream-media and Democrat lawmakers (our slave owners), describe racism as a right-wing phenomenon.   It’s talk-radio, it’s FOXNEWS, it’s Conservatives, it’s Tea Party’ers.   Even in today’s Hilo Tribune-Herald newspaper, the editorial cartoon depicts conservatives as deranged hate mongers making threats and committing violent acts.

Yet, these people, the liberal left, use foul language, sexual innuendos, and commit property damage when they gather to demonstrate.  There hasn’t been any documented violence by conservative demonstrators, yet the left continues to provoke conservatives as bigots.  Conservatives are shouted down on college campuses.  Yet liberals shouting death threats are greeted with open arms and are treated as  free speech activists on college campuses.  Is this the product of higher education?  Or is it the product of liberal indoctrination?  I would say “No Brainer”, but it clearly is, “Knowledge With No Volume”, or Value.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see liberals demonstrating their First Amendment Rights.  Rights they would deny anyone that doesn’t agree with their point of view.  In particular, conservative views.

This is your official warning: Language Caution

Via: Brain Terminal and AllahPundit

This is not your Ned Flanders Left

This is discrimination against conservatives.  That’s what’s going on.  Maybe, it’s better to call it a smear.  A campaign of misinformation to paint those associated with either the Tea Party, or conservatism, as racists.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When the left is unabashedly violent, vulgar, and vitriolically hateful, as demonstrated in the video.

Lets contrast that with a video of Tea Party Demonstration

The truth is a hard sell when, ironically, the same people that accuse conservatives of throwing racism slurs, are the same people that are saying racial slurs.  I challenge anyone to dispute this.

They, the democrats, passed Obamacare, without reading any part of the bill.  Only now, are we finding the mistakes that we will be paying for generations.  Yes, we are angry.  We are angry that Congress did not listen to the American People.

Tyranny Has Begun

What’s For Dinner?

Teriyaki Salmon over White Beans

It actually turned out better than I expected and Heart Friendly

Special Thanks to House of Eratosthenes


2 Responses to “Racism, as defined by racists”

  1. ab initio ad infinitum Says:

    Hey buddy, its been a while, I thought I’d see you on twitter by now but can see your blog must take a lot of your time. Its looking great! Your Mikala, yourself and family will be in my prayers! One of these days I’ll have to read a thread again at Hot Air.

    Take care, I KNOW you’re enjoying life, even had yourself a Cajun dish, lol 😉


    • Kini Says:

      Aloha Chad, long time no hear from!
      Thanks for the well wishes, much appreciated.
      Hope you’re doing great also, I’m sure of it.

      Keep in touch my friend,

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