Dr. Dean Adumbell

Dr. Dean Edell, self proclaimed doctor that spouts enormous stupidity, and nonsense over the radio airwaves.  His rant on Tea Party people today was particularly insulting and derogatory.  Calling Tea Party People, Tea Baggers on his show today, Dr. Dean Ah-dumbo, clinches his place in medical hypocrisy.  This failed excuse for a doctor who once said, “”… didn’t like medicine originally…I kind of found the thing I love the most, which is really the information and communicating the information“.

Much of his information, is misinformation.  In between his rants against Christians, his infatuation with circumcised male genitalia, and his misguided medical advice, he’s about as knowledgeable as an empty paper sack.

Many of the callers to this charlatan’s show asking for medical advice leave without their questions even answered.  Sometimes, he dodges the question all together and goes off on some incoherent rant, much like Obama did trying to answer a question on taxation.

Obviously, his show’s call screen-er sorts out all the penis calls so he can talk about that first on his show.

One caller called in to comment about his tea bagger comment, saying that was a vulgar description of the Tea Party People.  The caller described herself as not a Tea Party person and was not supporting the Tea Party.  Of course, Dr. Dean Adumbell completely feigns knowledge about the term, tea bagger.   He completely dismissed the call and asked how the caller felt about people calling Obama Hitler.  Completely changes the subject.  Much like his medical advice, nonsense.  Want real medical advice?  See a real doctor.  Not someone that pretends to be a doctor.

That’s how this Bozo runs his talk show, he makes claims that either cannot be supported, or are completely false.  Deliberately spreading misinformation.

On one show, he clucked about Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) claim to have witnessed a UFO.  Then the misinformed doctor of dumbness went on to state Kucinich was a Republican.  Whereas, Kucinich is as loony a liberal as Dr. Edell is.

Actually, Edell reminds me of a slimy used car salesman peddling his brand of bias and prejudice.   People should be aware of this hate monger, and his foolish superior intellectual gibberish he spews on the radio.

Speaking of Tea Parties, ass-hats like Edell could learn a thing or two about what the Tea Parties are about, before smugly dismissing them.

What’s for Lunch?

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2 Responses to “Dr. Dean Adumbell”

  1. Tim K Says:

    I was hoping that someone would call him on his tea party rant. I catch his show on my way home from work at 1AM so I don’t get to hear everything. I couldn’t believe he would go on a political rant that had little if anything to do with the medical field. Everything he said was strictly DNC boilerplate propaganda. I use to think he wasn’t all that liberal. As recent as a couple months ago I heard him talk about how ObamaCare would not save us any money at all. Well, his handler must of heard that and layed down the law. Afterwards I never heard him say one negative thing about ObamaCare. In fact, everything about it was A-OK with him. I guess it’s easy to be a flaming liberal when you’ve got his kind of money.

    • Kini Says:

      I listen to Edell during the week only because I love talk radio. However, on the Big Island, there is only one radio station that broadcasts any talk radio, Limbaugh (10AM-1PM) followed by a painful hour with Edell. If you include Sports talk radio, then the subject matter is even more narrowed.

      I get incensed by Edell’s monologues and advice at times, because he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about and his opinions are biased.

      Maybe its all that product he wears in his hair. It effects his brain functions towards stupidity.

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