Myths and Facts

It was said by Nancy (Bela) Pelosi, “We have to pass the Bill, to know what’s in the Bill”.

Myth – Health Care Death Panels:

Now that we are starting to learn what’s in the Bill, Obamacare, we are learning some extraordinary details about the Law that No Congressional Leader Read.  But others, did craft the Bill, so somebody had to know what was in part, if not all, of the Bill.  Somebody wrote that provision into the Bill.

Here’s the proof:

Death Panels – Sarah Palin predicted it, and she was correct.

Those on the Left, ridiculed and denounced Sarah Palin’s claim of a Government Panel that would determine cost, over care.  They laughed, and hurled insults, at Sarah Palin’s assertion that a government agency would get between you and your doctor.  THEY KNEW DEATH PANELS WAS IN THE BILL.

Peter Orszag, Obama’s flunky on Budget Management, talks openly, and matter of factually, about having to control Health Care costs.  So who makes those health care decision?  How are those decisions on health care being determined?

Where do you go for an appeal if you are denied health care by a Government Death Panel?

Myth – Global Warming:

You know about that Dog and Pony Show that Congress pulled off last week.  Hauling Goldman Sachs executives up before Congress to testify about Unbridled Greed.  Of course, Goldman Sachs denies reaping vast profits from the mortgage meltdown.  Congress is equally guilty in the failure of the mortgage industry.  This Kabuki Dance, the Congress is playing, is  for the American People’s consumption.  It’s to hide the larger picture of corruption that Congress, and Goldman Sachs, is attempting to pull off.  While your attention is focused on the mortgage industry, Congress and Goldman Sachs is busy getting ready to line their pockets with more of your tax payer monies.

Using Global Warming, Climate Change, and Carbon Credit or Carbon Trading, both Congress and Goldman Sachs are teaming up to rip off the American Public.  A small group of people stand to make a lot of money using our energy, by making it more expensive.  It will be used to justify the increase in the price of gasoline.  To raise electrical rates.  Making the cost of living so expensive, and so difficult, for the average American to afford.

Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico will halt any further domestic oil drilling and refining.  Investments in energy independence will cave to environmental fears.  Cap and Trade, will be the new bloated government agency to use the reasoning of “Protecting the Planet”, while stealing your money.

Using Junk Science, the myth of Global Warming will be used to make a small group of people very rich, and the vast majority of the American People poorer.

Myth – Tea Party Violence:

Oh where, oh where can it be?  Congressional Democrats think they know what kind of people the Tea Partyer’s are.  An insurance spokesman for Geico gets fired for calling people at FreedomWorks retarded.  This liberal continues to claim that someone in the Tea Party will commit an act of violence, or even kill someone eventually.

Tea Party people have been called haters.  Former Impeached President and public lier, Bill “Bubba” Clinton, likened the Tea Party people to American Terrorist Timothy McVeigh.  Tea Party people have been called racists.  And that’s the new narrative isn’t it.  When the left attacks you, they start by calling you a racist.  Even the so called League of Processional (Professional?) Journalists, also known as the Lame Stream Media, associated Tea Party people as being mostly white, middle aged, middle income, middle Americans.

O’DONNELL: Have you ever felt uncomfortable?

POSTELL: No, no, these are my people, Americans.

The media even provokes racism.  Recent coverage of Arizona’s new immigration law has shown racist and violent attacks by the left.  However, the emphasis is on Tea Party violence.  The coming violence.  The violence that is expected.  The violence that hasn’t arrived.  I have a feeling the left is going to be waiting for a long time.

Meanwhile, expect more violence from the left.

Myth – Democrats are not Socialists:

The National Socialist Democratic Party, doesn’t have Republican in it.  Democrats have been moving towards the left, towards Progressive-ism, towards Socialism, by virtue of their actions.  The truth is self evident in the Health Care Law that was forced down the throats of the American People.  We already know about the Death Panels, but what about the forced coverage?  The government is going to force you to pay for your Health Care.  Then, that same government will determine what care you’re entitled to.  A Government Prescription.  One that you cannot opt out of.

Political Math, has an excellent post on the Partisanship of the Health Care Legislation.  Compare and contrast the major Historical Legislation that has passed, including Health Care.   Major Legislation is defined as laws that will effect the economy either in a positive or negative direction, along with social changes in American society.

This goes back to my original statement said by Nancy Pelosi, “We have to pass it, to learn what’s in it“.   The bottom line:  Not one Democrat that voted for the Bill, Read what was in The Bill.  They excepted it with no scrutiny.  Now that we are finally learning what’s really in the bill, we are starting to see the horrors yet to come.   How much more expensive will Health Care become?

You got signed up, and no one in the government asked for your permission.  What kind of government forces you to purchase a product, health insurance, and you have no choice?  Let me ask another question: “Do you believe you will get any of that money back that you paid into Social Security“?  If you are like me, you are probably not expecting anything in return from the Government.  Because, as the Social Security system is running into tremendous debt, the only thing the Government can do is to make the benefits less available.  Raise the age eligibility.  Reduce the benefit allowances.  Cut the programs.

Still, that’s money that would have been better off used by the American People, rather than being paid into a corrupt Government system.  A system that has the government mismanaging your money.  This is how Health Care will be managed by a corrupt Democratic Government.

Many of us are putting money in 401K’s and other savings.  Private investments that will guarantee our future retirement.  But how long will those “Private Investments” be protected from the government?  How long will it be before the National Socialist Democratic Party decides it needs your money?  Somebody has to pay for the Health Care the government is providing you.  You’ve got the money they want.  All those tax breaks your 401K provides, how long before the government goes after that?  What will your retirement look like after the government gets its grubby hands on it?

If you haven’t been thinking about it, you should.  The government has put itself on a unsustainable path of economic destruction, using your money.  Social Security is bankrupt, Medicare/Medicaid is bankrupt, how long before Obamacare is bankrupt.  How about now.

Why is it that Socialist Democrats put flowery nationalistic names, to any of their socialistic programs?  Take, for example, Employee Free Choice Act, aka “Card Check”.  Or, The Fairness Doctrine.  Many of these names seem innocuous, even likable:  Free, Fair, this can’t be bad can it?   But these are the names used to disguise the real intent.  To suppress freedom.  These are Socialist Democratic values.  There are no conservative, or centrist democrats anymore, there are only Leftist Socialist Democrats.  Their actions, are proof of intent.  And if you agree, you are then vilified by the Left.  Called hateful names, called a racist, called even worst names by the left.

We Bitter Clingers

Anthony D. Weiner (D – NY), a Socialist, and Progressive Democrat, sees Nazi’s everywhere.  Listen to how Weiner tried to answer a question about who pays for Health Care.  He can not.  Weiner is a foolish leftist.  Good Job NY!

What’s For Dinner?

Why Does Organic Produce, Really Mean Expensive Produce?


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