Institutional Corruption

Institutional Corruption.  That is what the Public Education System is in the United States.  The problems is especially profound here in Hawai’i.  The Unions are not concerned about education, but taking taxpayer’s monies in exchange for dumbing down America’s children.   The money spent on public schools is being wasted away by overpaid administrators, greedy union bosses, and some lazy teachers.  It’s no wonder why more, and more, parents are choosing to either send their kids to private schools, or home-school them.  However, if you cannot afford to send your children to a private school, or home-school them, you are left with no choice but to send your kids to the State Run, Union, Public Schools.  Essentially, overpaid teachers that have become baby sitters.  Is there any pride left in the Art of Teaching?

Teachers Unions, and the Board of Education (BoE), are working only for themselves, and not for the good of the children.  Our future generations should not be held hostage by bloated Unions, and political bad decisions.  The Unions, the Teachers, the Administrators have refused to bargain in good faith with the State of Hawai’i, to do what’s right for the children.  I guess the underlining priority the Unions have is, “I just wanna get pay’ed“.

This problem of education through wage negotiation, is not limited to Hawai’i, it is rampant across the United States.  In the [country] of New Jersey, for example, Union Teachers are paid from the moment they are hired, to the day they die, by the State for life.  100%, fully paid benefits, for life.  Paid for by New Jersey State Tax Payers.   Is that fair?  Is Hawai’i going that way?  Reaping the rewards, of a job not well done?

End Product

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The craft of teaching is not entirely lost, there are still some good teachers out there.  However, the climate created by the Teachers Unions, and Democratic State Legislators, has fostered anything but a proper, and uniform, learning environment for children.  Instead, teachers are allowed to insert their own political beliefs into the learning curriculum.  Remember this documentary during the 2008 election cycle?

The Teachers Unions did this throughout the Bush Presidency.

Teacher Diantha Harris browbeats McCain supporting student, Kathy,in Ashville N.Carolina grade school. The poor girl is obviously distressed over the teacher’s line of questiong and belittling her choice of candidate in front of her school mates.

It’s one thing to teach Civics in the classroom, it’s another thing, to insert your own political bias into the instructional material.  Too often, this instructional bullying goes on inside the classroom.  I once had a teacher tell me that spreading The Gospel of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, was a mandatory message children needed to be taught in her classroom.  Including, making those children deliver that message of gloom and doom to their parents.   These minds of mush are being indoctrinated.  Using children to push a political agenda.  Compelling parents to watch Al Gore’s propaganda movie, and adopt junk science, as real science.  Else, the child’s grades will suffer.

Over medicating and under educating children.  Your children have become pawns in a scheme to indoctrinate them into a world of false hopes, and destructive change.  All in the name of saving the planet, or something.  Think about it.  If a student brings home a message of saving the planet, and you listen to the message, how do you answer the question?   How do you remove the guilt complex forced upon you, and still retain respect from your children?  How do you tell your children that their teacher is flat out wrong?  And still make them go to the same school, again.

The Hawai’i Reporter has an excellent summary on the Myths and Facts about Hawai’i Public Education.  Although, the article is about Military Families and the State of Hawai’i’s Public Schools, the parallels can be applied anywhere in America.

One example of Hawaii’s quality education is that 86 percent of graduating seniors at military impacted schools attend college.

This statistic is misleading and grossly exaggerated. One point that should be made is that the state of Hawaii has two diplomas: a basic Diploma and Board of Ed Honor Diploma. The regular diploma does not guarantee that a student will have the course requirements needed to apply to college. For example, it specifies a number of years of math or science but does not require specific courses like geometry, chemistry, physics, western civilization, etc. An Honors Diploma means that specific course requirements were met, making the chances of being able to apply more likely.

Two Diplomas?

The Cartel

With a good education, what kind of jobs can you expect?

Career Options?

What’s For Dinner?

Pan Seared Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna over Cheese Risotto


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