Bonds Of Socialism

A lovely Lapule (Sunday) evening has me reflecting on several articles from the newspaper, and on the web, that caught my eye.  As the Tea Party protests continue to gain momentum, critics continue to link Tea Party people to everything from the Gulf Oil spill, to the failing economy.  Oh, and the obligatory, blame George Bush, also.

Even though the 800 pound gorilla in the room points to Liberal Progressives currently running the government.  Memories fade, and reminders need to be issued as to the root cause of the economic collapse.  Tracing it all back to the Community Reinvestment Act that Jimmy Carter put into law in 1977.  Don’t count on anyone within that elite class of Journalism to report any on any of this, NO, leave it to bloggers to collect YouTube videos and post about it.

There is an excellent time-line posted here at SBVOR that deserves reading.  See, and hear, how the Liberal Progressives were the architects behind the greatest recession in American history.  Never mind that this current Liberal Progressive administration is plotting to enforce something called “Net Neutrality”.  Another time for that.

And now, my favorite Quote of the Day

The champions of socialism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement.  They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty.  They call themselves democrats, but they yearn for dictatorship.  They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent.  They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden, but they plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office.  Every man but one a subordinate clerk in a bureau. What an alluring utopia! What a noble cause to fight!  Against all this frenzy of agitation there is but one weapon available: Reason.

Just common sense is needed to prevent man from falling prey to illusory fantasies and empty catchwords.

HatTip: Antagoniste

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