Viva Los 1070

Game Changer

Outraged and Amused, all at the same time.  Outraged to read that a fan was ejected from a Phoenix Suns basketball game, and amused that there were free tickets involved.

Two fans at a Phoenix Suns basketball game were ejected from their first row seats and removed from the arena last week after refusing orders from security guards to take off their shirts in support of Arizona’s recently passed law against illegal immigration.

Via The Daily Caller, politics at a basketball game.  I really want to know if the security guards were either acting on their own, or acting upon someone else’s demand.  It all turns out OK in the end, but here was a free speech moment under attack.  It would have been one thing if the shirt said either something vulgar or racially inflammatory, but the shirt only said, Viva Los 1070.   In reference to the Arizona Immigration law.

They didn’t read the Arizona Law.  Just like Obamacare, they didn’t read the bill.  Illegal immigration has been a problem for both Democrats and Republicans.  For very different reasons.  Republicans believe in a path to citizenship.  This involves qualifying for citizenship.   Whereas, Democrats exploit immigrants for votes.

As a legal immigrant to this Great Country, I traveled that path to citizenship, to Naturalization.  And, I have no regrets.  Except for the Socialism path that Obama seems determined to put us on.  Many of us left Europe to get away from state run health care, state run unions, and state run entitlement programs.  I believe in Individualism.  I believe in self governance.  I believe in keeping what I have earned.

Google the phrase, “democrats eye 401k”

There, you will find thousands of articles, over the years, where democrats have viewed private investments as means to fund entitlement programs.  If you have a 401K, then you should be alarmed.  But I digress.

Comic In Chief

How many more people, legal and illegal, have to die before the federal government does its job and protect the boarders.  All those Canadians, pouring across the boarders, speaking Canuck, and not English.  It’s shameful.

What’s for Dinner

Teriyaki Chicken over White Bean Ragout

Is that racist to use White Beans over, say, Refried Beans?


3 Responses to “Viva Los 1070”

  1. LVB Says:

    Hey Kini,

    Great article, my friend!

    I live in AZ, born and raised, and let me tell you what I’m sure you already know – the east coast establishment liberals (and everyone else, really) who don’t live in a southwestern US border state have NO IDEA what is going on regarding illegal immigration. Period.

    Isn’t it just so revealing that Obama and his Justice Dept. puppet Eric Holder are spewing their anti-1070, anti-Arizona propaganda, while simultaneously admitting that they haven’t even read the thing??? I mean, I do sort of understand their dilemma, because it is a whole 17 pages. what a nightmare!!

    I have struggled for many years to understand what it is about the word “illegal” that people don’t understand. I think the answer I’ve finally realized is that the left wing and their emotion-controlled drone followers simply want anyone and everyone to be allowed to come into the United States, no questions asked.

    It’s all very surreal to me. Thank God you live in such a beautiful place, my friend, even if it is very socialist, in terms of govt policies. Plus, you’ve got a lot of water between you and the mainland if and when the massive riots begin here.

    I hope that never happens, but it doesn’t look too good at the moment.

    • Kini Says:

      Thanks LVB,

      Appreciate it. I’ve been to Tucson and Phoenix many times on business. In another life, long ago. Arizona is a beautiful place, with so much to see and do. I really enjoyed my stays there.

      However, I know through listening to your local News, that there is a real illegal immigration problem in Arizona. You are seeing it first hand, so, I cannot relate. I don’t live there. But you do. So, you have real time knowledge of the troubles.

      I believe Democrats, Obama, view illegals as nothing more than potential votes, and they are looking for an Emancipation Proclamation for illegal immigrants.

      Meanwhile, we legal immigrants, are wondering about the value of United States Citizenship. What does it mean to become a Citizen, anymore?

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