Drug Addict Drunk Agrees With Mexico

Loose Screws

With so many Democrats illiterate about the Arizona Immigration Law, you would think Democrats would smarten up and read the law before opening their mouth, and removing all doubt of their ignorance.  Democrats are probably illiterate about a whole host of laws.  No wonder why many of their Socialist laws have such flowery names.  If they understood their laws, they probably would never have passed them in the first place.  Or, maybe it’s just deliberate.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.): “Well he’s right on. I mean, it violates the spirit of our own Constitution. So, you know, we  had a tragic history in this country. The most shameful parts of our history were when we had our slave trade, when we, when we, the Trail of Tears — what we did to our Native Americans.  And, you know, the proudest moments in our history are when we had the Civil Rights Act, when we moved forward on integration and expanding the opportunities for all of our citizens. So, this idea of, you know, racial profiling, takes us backwards and really goes to the worst character of our nation and it’s, it’s demeaning to our country that we would move in that direction. It’s beneath us as a people.”

What part of our Constitution is being violated by the Arizona Law?  When it happens to be an exact Carbon Copy of the Federal Law.   Which is not being enforced by the Federal Government.  Obviously, Patrick Kennedy has never read the law, else he’d understand it.  However, given that Patrick Kennedy is drunk like his father Ted Kennedy, and a drug addict, I would not be surprised if he could not even comprehend the letter of the law.  Probably too drunk.

I guess that’s why Patrick Kennedy’s nickname is “Patches“.

So much for Camelot

By the way, Patrick, Civil Rights was a Republican initiative.  It was a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, that abolished slavery and started the whole Civil Liberties movement.  But that’s digressing into another subject.  Mexico’s immigration laws are more Draconian than ours, yet you don’t seem to comment on that, do you Patrick.  Maybe, Patrick you should put down the booze, the crack pipe, and listen to what Calderon said.

Rhoad Island would be better off after you leave.

What’s for Dinner?

Legacy of a Poisoned Well


2 Responses to “Drug Addict Drunk Agrees With Mexico”

  1. LVB Says:

    Hey Kini,

    Great post, my friend! Rep. Kennedy may not know what he is doing or saying, due to the alcohol and Ambien, so we probably need to just disregard anything he has to say. 😉

    Do you have a generic email addr where I can send you something? It’s a hilarious pic related to AZ 1070 – I think you will appreciate it and probably want to use it in one of your articles.

    I am a very proud, born and raised, lifelong Arizonan, by the way, and I can tell you that very few people here, other than the media, illegal aliens and organized labor unions (and their communist agent provacateurs) are opposed to 1070. Poll after poll, both in AZ and nationally, show that 70+% or so wholeheartedly support 1070, and this is not a new thing in border states.

    Those who do not live in SW border states, especially those elitists in the liberal eastern corridor, have no #@$%@#$% clue what is happening here, and sadly, they don’t want to know – they only want their own agenda, regardless of how it hurts the rest of us, who must suffer the consequences of their failed policies. Period.

    Below is the actual language, for Kennedy, Holder, Obama, and anyone else who admit to not even reading it, yet they somehow feel comfortable criticizing and opposing it:


    Actually, you get my email from this post, right? Just send me a quick email if you like, and I will send you that picture, you’ll love it.

    Thanks and take care!

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