Abercrombie’s Education Plan

Neil Abercrombie has started placing radio spots in his campaign for Governor of Hawai’i.  What’s puzzling is the content of the ads.  The central focus in Abercrombie’s ads is the Hawai’i education system.  The ads have Abercrombie talking about his mother, as a teacher during the Great Depression era.  He goes on to explain that, at that time, married women couldn’t get teaching jobs, that they would be fired.  Then, he adds, or corrects himself, that teachers had yearly contracts at that time in history.  Accordingly, his mother had no benefits, no pension, but had all the responsibilities teaching the children.  Then he makes this statement: “The only thing my mother could do was to go in and stamp her feet”.  It he were elected, he would do the feet stamping.

A confusing, and unclear, message of what he would do as Governor.  The ad doesn’t talk about what he would do, other than stamping his feet; however, he goes on to state this is who he is, and what he’s about.

I’ve listened to the ads many times on the radio.  I’ve tried to find an audio version of the ad on the web to attach to this blog, but there’s nothing.  Even on his campaign site, there is nothing.  I’ll find it eventually, anyway….

Neil, pictured here with his Mom

According to Neil’s Wiki page, Neil grew up in Buffalo, NY and moved to Hawai’i after receiving his bachelor’s degree.  So, I don’t understand his Mom’s connection and how it would relate to Hawai’i issues.  However, It could be a reference to Hawai’i’s Furlough Fridays.

Furlough Fridays, is the tragic result of Hawai’i’s Teachers Unions (HSTA) bargaining in bad faith with the State to plug up a budget shortfall.  The Teachers Union agreed to the furlough days, but decided to take those days off during the school year.  This resulted in Hawai’i’s children missing valuable class time.  Gov. Linda Lingle responded:

We cannot allow our public education system to be held hostage to a system that is fragmented and unaccountable for its lack of performance and progress. Nor can we afford to allow our public education system to be driven by a labor union’s intent to place focus on the interest of teachers and DOE administrators at the expense of our children, especially in these challenging fiscal times.

That’s what exactly happened.  The Teachers Union sacrificed the students education, in favor of the teachers and administrators.  This selfish act by the Union leaders, has hurt many families and children of Hawai’i.

So, how does all this connect to Neil Abercrombie.  Because Neil, is a Union Man, and Neil sides with the Teachers Union.  Abercrombie’s message is to support the Unions, before the children, or the State.  Neil’s a Poser.

Here in Hawaii, the HSTA and its minions on the BoE and in the DoE have purposefully sabotaged Hawaii’s RTTT application by choosing to furlough teachers on instructional days when the DoE is fully capable of eliminating all furlough days without a single additional penny being allocated. The HSTA/BoE/DoE have further sabotaged Hawaii’s RTTT application by refusing to lift the cap on charter schools. Abercrombie’s entire education plan is predicated on the unspoken assumption that he will succeed where Obama has failed–that he is more ‘transformative’ than Obama.

Source: Hawai’i Free Press – Read more reaction here

Like Obama, Neil’s campaign logo is eerily similar to Obama’s logo, a big fat zero.  Other democrats are vying for Public votes.  Mufi Hanneman, Mayor of Honolulu, is also in the Governors race.  You can expect the dirt to fly soon.

Campaign Signs

Democrats, have been in the Union pockets for a long time.  People have to ask themselves, what are my tax dollars paying for?  Incompetent Public Union Bosses making bad decisions with our money.  Unions have been paying off democrats for votes, to get lucrative government contracts.  That’s our tax dollars.  Hawai’i democrats have allowed the Public Unions to work with no accountability.  We in the private sector want accountability.   It’s our money.

Hawai’i has an uncanny relationship with the State of New Jersey regarding the Teachers Unions.  Governor Chris Christie, is bringing this fight to the Unions Doorstep.  Hawai’i Republicans, and Democrats, should take notice.

Standing Up To Unions Bullies

This man should be an inspiration to All Hawai’i Republicans.  I really respect Governor Linda Lingle, but we really need a champion to fight a Deeply Hostile Democrat Legislature.  Is Duke Aiona up to the challenge?

What’s for Dinner?

Grilled Chicken Breast over Spicy Black Bean and Corn Hash


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