The Health Care Bill, known as Obamacare, needs to be repealed.


This spending monstrosity does NOT address any of the issues to reduce the cost of health care.  It does nothing to reduce the amount of frivolous lawsuits.  It does nothing to allow the Free Interstate Commerce of Private Health Care Insurance Plans.  It actually increases Health Care Costs. This is another Government Take Over of another Private industry.  Government’s job is to Protect It’s Citizens from Foreign Threats.   Not to provide Health Care.

Sure, it’s been all said before, since the passing of this Bill, but there is another urgency that needs to be addressed.  There are people, entitlement thinking people, that think Obamacare will be good for them.  They will resist the repeal of another handout to their welfare lives.  They believe the government will take care of them.  At Your Expense.

Is anyone watching the Oil Spill in the Gulf?

The government cannot, will not, and is not capable of,  handling the Gulf Oil spill.  The Government neither has the technology, equipment, nor the experience to deal with this disaster.  However, the Government  is good at passing legislation to create disasters.  Environmentalist, with the Governments help, pushed the Oil companies out to risky areas of extraction.  The Environmentalists, and the Government, created this disaster that is unfolding in the Gulf.

What makes anyone think the government can handle health care?  The government is spending itself into huge debt with the mismanagement of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicare.  Once more, the government is NOT the right agency to manage, provide, and fund health care.  Government can regulate health care, but should not be the provider of health care.  By regulation, I mean allowing interstate insurance sales, policing insurers from dropping patients with preexisting conditions [or not], and by making an action or a suit brought before a court, as to recover a right or redress a grievance, a fair and just outcome.  Where the loser pays for ALL the legal costs.  These are the basic elements of a health care reform bill, but none of these items, are in the Obamacare bill that passed.  It would not take 2,000+ pages of legislation either.  Nether the less, The Constitution never provided for, nor did it state, Health Care for All.  Yet, the Democrats found it within their socialist domain to past the first link, into economic slavery.



We can remove this Link into the Bonds of Serfdom

This inter-generational theft of our tax monies will lead us down the Road to Serfdom

Road To Serfdom, Obama Version

Folks, Europe is already on this road, and they cannot get off the fast lane.  Just look at Greece, Spain, and Portugal.  Europe has been down this road many times before.  They are repeating their history.  They are on their way to WAR.

History is a barometer to the future.  American Exceptionalism is recognized all over the world.  This is the reason why we have a huge illegal immigration problem.  This is the reason why we have people from other countries coming to America for Health Care.  This is the reason why Foreign Leaders come to the United States for Specialized Health Care.  We want immigrants.  We need Immigrants.  Legal Immigrants.  Guest Worker Immigrants.

Today, on this American Flag day, we want everyone to know that we face a Crossroads in American History

Which path will we take?

Under Obama’s, and the Democrats Health Care Plan, they are more equal than you are:

They don’t have to live within the plan they have for you.

What’s For Dinner?




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