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The government wants your internet.  They call it “Net Neutrality“.  The FCC is making a move to regulate the Internet.  Let’s take a look at how the government, with all its wisdom, will regulate what we all take for granted.

We are from the Government, and we’re here to help

The most frightening words ever spoken.  Making the Internet a Public Utility make not be the best decision in the Public’s interests.  However, there are those that think the government should regulate everything.  Including the Internet.

Begun, This ISP War Has

Indeed, Comcast has deliberately choked access to the Internet and Cable Broadcasts.  Comcast, has been a monopoly in areas of the country where cable access is the only option to consumers.  Comcast has gouged its customers, forcing their customers to pay more in order for the consumer to get the programming they desire.  Comcast behavior is criminal, and there should be laws to protect consumers from being raked over the economic coals to feed Comcast appetite for money.  This is Greed, that deprives.  This is destroying freedom.  This is corporate Greed that should be prohibited.  This is Greed that limits content to bundles of programming neither wanted nor desired.

Don’t get me wrong, I love greed.  But not at the expense of depriving others freedoms.  There should be no limits to the content, speed and access to any place on the World Wide Web, Torrent Videos, Video Hosting, Websites, File Sharing, or any other free, and unfettered connections to electronic media.  Greed is Good, when it doesn’t deprive.

Does this mean the government should step in and regulate the industry, regulate the Internet.  NO!

That would be the worst possible scenario.  The worst possible, or projected sequence of events, ever to be imagined.  Having the government come in and tell you how your access to the Internet shall be, and what it will cost you.

For example, when we were Comcast customers, we had to pay extra to get access to cable news, movie channels, and in return we got a host of other cable channels that we did not want or cared for.  Comcast’s response, you want the channel, you gatta pay for all the other crap we give you.  Why couldn’t I pick the channels I wanted, À la carte?  I voted with my wallet and went to DishTV, and now I got the content I wanted, and at a price I wanted.

No, the government neither should regulate the Internet, nor should it decide what the content of the Internet should be.  That is for the Free Market to decide.  Companies like Comcast should not be allowed to regulate the content, speed, and access to the Internet either.  The government should encourage the growth of Private companies to compete against companies like Comcast to provide better access to the Internet.  That, is true Net Neutrality.

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